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Last Updated: Wednesday June 01 2005 15:21 GMT

How would you get more kids reading?

Children reading
Jacqueline Wilson has been named the new Children's Laureate.

One idea she's had to promote children's books and reading is to set up an exhibition with other authors.

We'd like to know how you'd get more kids reading.

Maybe there's a way you'd encourage going to the library more? Or make books more exciting?

Tell us your ideas and we'll pass them onto Jacqueline Wilson.

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Your Comments

My school has a reading up scheme where for reading 9 books you get a bronze certificate, silver certificate for 18 books and a gold certificate for 30 books as well as a 10 voucher. It seems to work really well and even the 'cool' people have started to read.
Hannah, 12, Edinburgh

Write stuff down about their favourite pop band, football team or even hobby then get them to read it. Trust me they'll think its fun so they'll read it!
Lauren, 12, Cannock

I adore reading but it's hard to say this to anyone because it is considered nerdy. I think teachers should not force kids to read books that they might not understand, everyone is on different levels and should read book that suit them and their personalities.
Emma, 12, Dublin

I really enjoy reading, but many people I know don't. I think people should tell teachers their interests, and the teachers could recommend books which they think would suit their interest. The teacher could then encourage the person to read that book. They may end up enjoying it, and wanting more!
Emma, 12, Glasgow

One thing we could do is make the books more interesting!! Or go around schools and see what types of books children are in to.
Ranny, 12, Monmouth

There's this phrase ' exercise is to the body as reading is to the mind'. When you read you're in a different world and you get a wider vocabulary and your English is better. There's always a book for everyone and anyone, you just have to find it.
Francetta, 15, London

What can I say. I love reading. I believe there is a book out there for everyone. So my way of getting more children to read, is by getting parents to read to their kids at bedtime then maybe the children could read to their parents every other night and take it in turns.
Samantha, 12, Kent

I think kids should be allowed to choose if the want to read or not. However I do think reading is very good for your brain.
Lucy, 14, Liverpool

You can't force children to read-if you do then it will become a chore, not a hobby. I'd get more children to read by making famous writers come to schools-authors of lots of different styles-magic, non fiction, romance, murder, comedy etc.
Zoe, 12, Reading

I think its a great idea to get children's authors into schools. Just last week, Tim Bowler (author of: River Boy, Starseeker, Shadows and Midget) visited my school and talked about his books.
Stacey, 14, Devon

You can't, really. Some just don't like reading, but usually kids will read if they're interested. Most of the kids at school just don't do it to 'rebel' or because it's uncool. You can't really change that.
Liz, 12, Beckingham

I can't really tell people that I like reading because I'll get teased, but teachers should make children read (but the child can choose the book) and that way they can read and enjoy it but act as though they hate it.
Chloe, 12, London

I think children should read more books but you can't force them to. I love reading books and it's my favourite hobby. Teachers should try and interest kids while they are still at primary or middle school, because I'm in Year 10 and there's hardly anyone who actually reads apart from me.
Caroline, 14, Isle of Sheppey

I would get kids to relate to the books in some way, how do they see themselves in the characters?
Ashleigh, 11, Doncaster

I love reading. I think schools should introduce more free reading time and I think the cover of the book matters. I mean you don't want to read a book with a boring cover, do you? But better books in libraries and schools would be great.
Abigail, 9, Derby

I think that a lot of the kids just haven't found a style they like yet, so they just give up trying. Suggesting books to them is a great way to encourage reading.
Amelia, 13, Stratford

You cannot force kids into reading books. I feel that if you shove books down kids throats they will ignore them. People should realise that it is up to the kid whether or not they want to read. Children should be made aware of the fact that there are libraries and they should be left to find them out for themselves.
Ben, 14, Downpatrick

I think encouraging friends that don't read and showing them favourite books of yours and showing them interesting subjects in books will help your friends become interested in reading and then they will help their friends.
Elizabeth, 13, USA

I read most of the time, and at school, but people don't really say anything. Today I went to a book signing for Garth Nix, it was really cool!
Tom, 14, Epsom

New books in school libraries and local libraries would be a start...
Rayka, 13, London

In our school the p7's (the oldest ones) get to do accelerated reading. That mean you get tested, then you get a level. You have to pick a book which is in your level. When you have read the book, you take a quiz and get points for it. It's really fun. I think all the primaries in our school should get to do that.
Leona, 12, MacDuff

I think everyone should read. It gives you a long range of good jobs and enters you into new worlds. Plus, authors have stacks of money and they're mainly great readers. Reading is the way to loads of cash - and it helps you pass exams!
Lauren, 10, Dronfield

I think we need to introduce kids to more books in order to get them to read more. Nowadays kids are most likely to get introduced to films so that's what they're interested in. Introducing them to books would solve that problem. Some kids don't know how to read well, whatever age they are so I think that there should also be more help in teaching children how to read.
Summrina, 13, Birmingham

I think schools and parents should encourage pupils to read regularly and should stress the importance of reading so that they are aware of how reading can improve their writing skills. I believe that by teaching them, kids will soon develop a reading habit. Parents and teachers must force children to read.
Stephanie, 11, London

It's not so much that people don't want to read, it's just that for older kids reading is not cool. I love reading, but it's not something I tell everyone I do. I would be thought of as a 'swot' and 'uncool'. Organising book fairs at school etc, aren't going to make older kids read especially if they are held at school.
Nicola, 14, Scotland

I'm the school's biggest bookworm but that's because barely anyone reads. I think that a bigger and better library would help. Most of the books in our school library stink!
Jasmine, 11, Walsall

We should have more time to read at school. If you read anywhere else than the library you get teased. More emphasis should be put on reading.
Sally, 14, Oakham

I think that everyday instead of a lesson like French or maths or whatever, classes should go their school library and pick books or read in groups. You could even have double English. One normal lesson and one lesson of reading. Personally, I love reading..... and such a bookworm!!!!!
Jenny, 12, Sittingbourne

One person said that if authors come to the school you would read their books but authors come to my school and people still don't like reading that much. We have a library but only the younger classes use it, unless you go in yourself. I think that the teacher should take the whole class to the library every two days for an hour.
Hannah, 11, Guernsey

I like reading a lot but some of the kids I know hate it. The authors should come to schools and they should have reading lessons at school for people who find reading long words hard.
Hilary, 11, Kirkby

I think we should have one reading period during every school day where all the students have to read, and it should be in a nice comfy place too; not the classroom!
Kate, 13, Surrey

People need to make libraries more cool. They need to make them stand out! I like libraries because you can try new books and if you don't like them you haven't wasted your money, you can just take them back!
Hannah, 10, Kent

Why not have contests? Kids are quite competitive, so a prize of something that kids are motivated for could be yet another great motivation to read.
Arna, 15, Edinburgh

You should get younger kids to start reading at an early age. The parents should read to them often. For the older kids the parents or teacher should find a good book that the kid will like. If he/she enjoys the book or series it will encourage him/her to read other books.
Kristina, 12, Indiana

I think that all books should come out in paperback first. However, the hardback edition should be signed by the author because basically all you're paying for is a cover made out of cardboard. If you pay more you should get more!
Saba, 12, Bradford

I think schools should try and promote reading more; by having special library or reading lessons for kids instead of giving them class work: reading after all is a valuable exercise!
Kate, 14, Townlake

The problem isn't really so much with young kids, it with older ones who've suddenly been told that reading's not "cool" anymore, they need to be targeted as well.
Victoria, 15, Leicestershire

I think it is very important that more children get into reading. Maybe schools could organise more book fairs, or possibly book swaps so children can exchange their old books for someone else's.
Orla, 11, London

I think that more children should get free books so they got enjoy reading it or the author should come in to schools to read to kids.
Sarah, 12, Surrey

I think schools should do competitions like reading a book and then doing a review on it and the best review gets a cool prize (that people want) and for children to read aloud more in class.
Charlie, 10, Leicester

I think some top famous authors should visit schools. e.g. J.K Rowling and Jacqueline Wilson. That would encourage kids to read more.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

I love reading but I think if there were more book fairs at schools and more visits to book festivals could encourage children to read more. Plus, authors could also visit schools if they had the time.
Kaz, 11, Scotland

The government should help to make books cheaper, so more people can afford to enjoy reading!
Matt, 14, Harpenden

Reading is great, but people nowadays seem to forget about reading as they drown into all the other leisures in life. I think if authors visited school and did activities with kids then the kids will love it and feel that they would need to read what the author they met had written. It's very encouraging.
Razan, 14, London

Just give books more hype. I've read some great action books that most kids would love to see on film, but because it's in a library, it's not good for the image. If you advertise books like you do films, maybe that will help.
Louise, 14, Surrey

My idea is that when a small child has visited a library and read some books, each week they should get a small chocolate bar. It wouldn't work for me, but for smaller children, maybe?
Nosheen, 12, London

I would not get more kids reading because I do not like reading myself. I would rather do something else! I should read but I don't! I don't know how I would make children read!
Jobhan, 13, Birmingham

How about Beyonce, Natasha Bedingfield, David Beckham or Jacqueline Wilson advertising books? Or give kids vouchers to buy books cheaper. You could have free books in cereal packets, magazines and other things. You could write extracts of stories in places that children look at e.g. magazines. There are tons of ways it's just that adults need to take action!
Cecily, 12, Bristol

Publishing books online would make more children read.
Edward, 13, Lincoln

I think schools should help a bit more and take trips down to the local library to lend books out.
Grace, 12, Belfast

I think that libraries should be decorated a bit more snazzier than usual because our library is very, very dull - that is why I hardly go there!. Also I think that authors should visit schools more.
Afsana, 12, Bolton

I have always got a book in my hands and I think you have to give a child a book and say read it, and if they don't like it then try again.
Shireen, 15, Bedford

I think it'd be cool if kids' authors visited schools as it'd encourage me to read their books.
Charlie, 13, Sussex

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