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Last Updated: Wednesday January 11 2006 08:32 GMT

Overcoming shyness through music


Press Packer Christopher thinks that everyone should learn how to play a musical instrument.

He plays the guitar and thinks that learning an instrument can help build your confidence and overcome shyness.

"I think learning a musical instrument is really important.

It's really great because it makes you more confident in front of an audience.

It really helps if you're shy.

Playing to an audience

The instrument that I play is the guitar.

I have to practise a lot so that I am good when I play in front of my teacher.

I have played it in assembly at school and I thought it was cool.

Learning through listening

Also, learning to play an instrument helps you to concentrate more.

It really helps your listening skills which means you can learn more when you're at school. So, it helps you get a better education too!

Leave the sofa!

It also gives you something to do. It stops you just sitting in front of the TV all the time.

Finally, learning an instrument means that one day you might get to play in a band, which would be cool!"

Christopher, 9, Hertfordshire

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