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Last Updated: Thursday January 05 2006 15:27 GMT

Worksheet: 50 Cent's poster gets a rapping

50 Cent
A poster showing rap star 50 Cent with a baby and a gun has been condemned for "glamorising" gun crime by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The image, used to promote his album and film called Get Rich or Die Tryin', sparked 17 complaints from people who found it irresponsible or offensive.

Some were particularly angry that it appeared in an area where gun crime amongst children had been a problem.

Advertisers said it was supposed to show 50's fight to escape the ghetto.

The ASA said the poster broke lots of rules about violence and anti-social behaviour, especially with regard to children.

They thought it was particularly wrong as many kids look up to the rapper.

50 has been criticised in the US already for a similar poster showing a gun and a microphone.


1. What is on the poster?

2. How many people have complained about it?

3. What reasons do these people give for wanting to ban the poster?

4. What do the advertisers say to defend the poster?

5. What arguments do artists use to defend the use of lyrics and images about crime?

6. What is the job of the Advertising Standards Agency?