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Last Updated: Thursday January 05 2006 12:57 GMT

Deep sea fish becoming endangered

Ocean fish
Scientists are worried that deep sea fish in the northern Atlantic could be on the brink of dying out because of damage caused by fishing.

Some populations have dropped by as much as 98% recently which makes them officially "critically endangered".

Many fishing ships do a thing called "bottom-trawling" where they drag huge nets across the bottom of the ocean and destroy coral and other sea life.

Conservation groups want restrictions on this type of fishing to be imposed.

Roundnose grenadier, onion-eye grenadier, blue hake, spiny eel and spinytail skate were amongst the types of fish to seriously drop in numbers according to a study of Canadian Atlantic waters.

Figures show some species have been so damaged that they're now even more endangered than the giant panda and Bengal tiger.

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