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Last Updated: Wednesday July 13 2005 14:20 GMT

Film review: Millions

Lewis McGibbon and Alex Etel

Release date
27 May (Cert 12A)

The stars
New young faces Lewis McGibbon and Alex Etel play the parts of practical nine-year-old Anthony and his imaginative seven-year-old brother Damian.

James Nesbitt plays their dad and Daisy Donovan plays their friend.

The plot
This film is about a one-in-a-million chance. A bag crammed with cash comes tumbling out of the air and lands right in Damian's lap.

Suddenly the Cunningham brothers are rich. Very rich.

This sets them on the adventure of a lifetime.

Just think of all the things you could do and all the things you could buy if you stumbled upon 229,320!

But where exactly did the money come from anyway...?

Best bits
One of the best visual tricks is at the beginning when Damian and Anthony's new home assembles itself from the ground up!

It is quite gripping too as the mystery about where the money came from unfolds.

Fave characters
Damian is a funny and complex character. He has lots of imagination and makes you laugh - but also feel sad at times.

And the baddie is a true baddie - unknown, mysterious and dark!

Any weak bits?
If you have already read the book by Frank Cottrell Boyce you might be a bit disappointed as the film does miss bits out.

Hit or miss?
This is a one-in-a-million film - the story is really original.

It makes you think about what you would really do if you had a quarter of a million quid!

NR rating:

Have YOU seen it yet?

I think it has an ok script, but i wouldn't call it "riveting".
James, 14, Bexhill

This is a really feel good film. I've seen it a couple of times because I've needed cheering up these days, with exams and all. 8/10
Mark, 15, Middlesbrough

I thought it was really good. Damian was a really funny actor. When I saw it I was crying at the end. Its so sad!
Kate, 10, Newcastle

It was probably the best movie ever. It is for ALL AGES and is a meaningful movie. It was absolutely wonderful! (It made me cry in the end too)
Amy, 14, Edinburgh

I saw Millions yesterday and was so amazing. The acting was really good, but it was a bit babyish for me. I think it would be better for younger children.
name here

It's good but at the beginning it bored me to death!!
Bethan, 10, Newport

I read Millions 2 1/2 years ago and I absolutely loved it. I went to see the film and I loved it as much as the book!
Georgia, 11, Swansea

The film was very good because the boy who played Damian was a good actor. The film had funny bits, sad bits and scary bits. It made me think what I would do if I had lots of money.
Sam, 8, Dartford

I thought this film was ok, the book was slightly better than the movie. Though there are some really funny bits!!
Skie, 13, New York

It is well worth seeing but I wouldn't call the film funny.
Laura, 11, Liverpool

It's great. It's funny and mysterious.
Chantal, 13, Nottingham

It was rubbish! It's so childish! Not for kids at all!
Steve, 12, London

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