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Last Updated: Friday May 27 2005 09:56 GMT

Check out our Q&A with the stars of Millions

Millions' stars, Alex Etel and Lewis McGibbon
Millions is a film about an enormous bag of money which falls into the hands of two young brothers called Damian and Anthony.

The brothers have very different ideas about what to do with the money... but none of them involve telling their dad about it!

While nine-year-old Anthony wants to spend it, seven-year-old Damian wants to give it to the poor... but what they soon realise is, someone else is after it...

Newsround caught up with Lewis McGibbon who plays Anthony and Alex Etel who plays Damian to chat about starring in the film:

How did you get the part?
Lewis: My mum saw an advert in the paper for a casting agency and asked me if I'd like to do this and I said I might as well have a try and see what comes out of it. I had to have seven auditions.

Alex: A casting agency came to my school and asked my headmistress if they could audition a couple of boys, so I just went for it.

I had no idea it was for a proper cinema film - I just thought it was something for TV.

How much did you enjoy acting in the film?
Alex: I really enjoyed it because I got to meet so many new people and they're all really nice.

What was it like working with your co-stars?
Alex: It was ok! James Nesbitt and Daisy Donovan are really funny and they always help you with your lines and things.

How long were you filming for?
Lewis: It took three or four months because legally we're only allowed to do so many hours a day because we're so young, so it took us longer than the usual two months to shoot the film.

Did you still have to go to school while you were filming it?
Alex: We had a tutor on set but because we had to have three hours tutoring a day and we had to keep going back on set, we had to take two weeks out of our summer holidays to catch up.

So what do your school friends think of you now?
Alex: They don't believe us because the film's release has been put back for so long.

Lewis: We filmed it two years ago last month.

What would you have done differently to your characters if you'd won the money?
Lewis: I probably would have wanted to spend the money the same as Anthony but I would also have given some to the poor because there are lots of people out there who need money more then us, aren't there?

Alex: I would have given half of it to the poor but I would have spent quite a bit of it too!

What's your fave school subject?
Lewis: Probably art or drama because they are really nice teachers.

Alex: I've not got one. I don't really like school much.

What are you into?
Alex: Football - Man United!

Lewis: I support Man U and like skateboarding and playing bass guitar in my band.

Alex: I like cricket and am quite sporty and like go-karting which is cool.

Were your lives really different when you were making this film?
Alex: Yes because we weren't allowed to do any sports or anything while were filming in case we broke our legs.

Lewis: I wasn't allowed to do any skateboarding or anything.

Alex: It was really evil because our mums said that we needed to sign a contract, but you're not going to read it when you're our age are you? So she said just sign this and then after that she said you can't play football now! So we were tricked into it.

Lewis: Especially when the producer was on set, we couldn't even kick a football or anything when we were hanging around.

So were you well behaved on-set?
Both: Sometimes!

Lewis: But we got bored quite easily when they were setting up the cameras and getting all the lights ready so me and Alex would start messing about and having fun and the director and the producer would be telling us to stop so they could do their stuff - and we would just carry on!

Did you play any tricks on anyone?
Lewis: No, but they played tricks on us!

Alex: They locked me and Lewis in the dark-room and wouldn't let us out for about 10 minutes.

It was dark and we nearly fainted!

Lewis: And they taped me up with gaffer tape. They tied my hands and my feet together and put tape over my mouth so I couldn't speak. It was just for fun though.

So if you could act with anyone who would it be?
Alex: Vin Diesel! I love all his action films. I also love Peter Kaye.

Lewis: I'd like to act with Will Smith because he's always been an idol for me.

Did you get to keep anything from the film?
Alex: There was a shop selling all the props at the end of filming and I got this watch but I lost it. Someone stole it from me at the swimming baths at school.

Lewis: I got a parrot. Not a real one. I don't know where it is in the film but it is there somewhere... and I got a globe that was in my bedroom in the film.

What was it like to work with the baddie in the film?
Lewis: He was really scary on and off set because he would stay in character so that we would be scared of him on set. It was Danny, the director's idea to do that.

What was your fave bit when making the film?
Alex: The end scene because we got to have a big water fight. We actually filmed it in Liverpool but it's supposed to be Africa. We all thought we were going to Africa as they were all teasing us telling us we were going there, but in the end it was Liverpool.

Lewis: It was still fun though 'cos it was a really hot day. We got to go on quad bikes while filming on Formby Beach for the end scene!

Millions is out in cinemas on Friday 27 May.