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Last Updated: Thursday May 26 2005 13:48 GMT

Game lets you create own species

Spore is created by Sims legend, Will Wright
A computer game which lets you make your own species has been developed.

The game, called Spore, is made by the man behind the Sims game, and it lets you grow your own race which can exist on any planet in space.

Spore is based on the evolution of life. You start off with an amoeba in a 2D world, then slowly grow creatures and choose their characteristics.

"I want to allow people to create their own world," creator Will Wright said. It's due out in shops in summer 2006.

The computer game will be so clever that once the player's chosen how it will look, and how many legs it will have etc, the technology will accurately work how out it will behave and move.

Screenshot of Spores
"This is the hardest piece of technology I have ever had to solve," Mr Wright admitted.

Gamers will end up travelling through space, looking for intelligent life around the universe.

Mr Wright unveiled the game at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles. It is still being developed but gamers are looking forward to trying it out in 2006.

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