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Last Updated: Friday January 06 2006 17:12 GMT

Do rappers glamorise violence?


A poster showing rap star 50 Cent with a gun has been criticised for "glamorising" gun crime.

Do YOU think some rap stars like 50 Cent make guns and violence look cool?

Is rap the reason gun crime is on the up? Or is the music just reflecting the culture?

Is rap just getting blame because it's popular? Would Britney get the blame if she had violence in her videos?

What do you think?

Email and let us know.

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Your Comments

If 50 cent had a picture of him doing everything good then will everyone copy him and behave in the right way? No, I don't think people will copy and do gun crime or whatever is on the front of the CD.
Ryan, 12, London

Rappers give the impression that guns are cool to children. Because the rappers are famous children think violence is ok because their favourite rapper does it!
Grace, 12, Barnet

No, rap does not influence violence. Just because 50 Cent is holding a gun doesn't mean he encourages violence. Besides, if you want to hold a gun and shoot some people it's your choice. No-one's asking you to do it.
Evie, 12, Thailand

People wouldn't say, "There's so much comedy in the media, does that mean there's more comedy on the street?" would they?
Sarah, 14, Essex

Of course they do. All 50 Cent ever talks about is those nine bullets.
Eileen, 12, Galway

Rappers do use guns, but where most of the rappers actually come from, it's pretty dangerous. They probably just think that wherever they go, they're in danger. You can't blame someone for being self-conscious. I really don't think that 50 Cent is to blame for gun crime.
Kate, 14, Stourbridge

Some rappers do, other rappers don't. It's like saying that ALL teenagers shop-lift, take drugs, smoke, etc. Which, by the way, not ALL of us do!
Heather, 14, Hoghton

How can rap be the reason gun crime is on the up? If a picture is taken of a rapper smoking does that mean that everyone will start smoking? It is pathetic. .
Daniel, 13, Essex

You shouldn't blame 50 Cent! It's not what you see it's what you hear that matters. He's just talking in rhyme and what's the problem with that?
Carly, 10, Tidworth

Rappers just want to make music not kill, so no.
Ben, 12, London

I like rappers and I don't think they should get the blame of violence.
Hannah, 10, Iriven

It's not the music it's the people who make the music! And why is it, like, rap law that there has to be a swear word every 10 seconds?
David, 14, Cardiff

I sometimes listen to rap but it does not lead me to violence.
Samantha, 12, Connahs Quay

I don't think rappers glamorise gun crime. Just because they are from the ghetto where guns are readily available doesn't mean they glamorise it. It is part of their life, well except for the fake wannabe rappers!
Aaron, 13, Heckmondwike

I think that rappers make kids think guns are cool and make them want to play with fake ones, but kids aren't going to go as far as to kill someone.
Toju, 15, London

I think rappers are more associated with gun crime but I don't think they are at all glamorising it.
Molly, 13, Dunfermline

I DON'T think rap influences gun crime just because 50 Cent is on a poster with a gun in his back pocket - it doesn't mean anything.
Shanon, 13, London

Rappers don't make guns look cool. Most rappers show what life on the streets is really like. I enjoy listening to rap but it does not make me want to use a gun.
Toju, 12, London

I really like rap but it doesn't make me want to go around killing people. I think that most rappers are trying to stop violence and the only reason the two are associated is that they come from the same background.
Ann, 14, Birmingham

I don't think that rappers glamorise violence. If you want to be violent it is you not some famous people rhyming!
Pips, 12, Brighton

I think anything with or including a gun is violence. Guns should not be allowed unless in a army cadet force or with someone who is full trained to handle these dangerous weapons.
Rachael, 15, Darlington

Well I think that even if rappers glamorise violence we shouldn't look at it or learn something. Just listen to the song and don't say "oh if he can do it, why cant I?". People do very unrealistic things in their videos - it doesn't mean we copy do them.
Mirrah, 10, Aberdeen

Rappers use guns to try and look cool in their music videos but they don't look cool, they are a bad influence on kids.
Richard, 13, London

Rappers don't glamorise violence. They try to teach us not to use violence or commit crime. People are violent because it's their choice.
Natasha, 14, Essex

It's not really fair to blame it on 50 Cent for the fact that most rap videos include violence and violence does not always influence kids.
Fateha, 11, London

I think rappers teach us the consequences of violence and bad behaviour. As we can learn from the mistakes they make.
Shehryar, 13, Woking

There are good rappers out there. Some are totally against the whole gun thing. Some rappers who have been involved in crime are against it now because finally they now know its wrong.
Tessa, 11, St Neots

Rappers encourage weapons and swearing and fighting etc. to little kids. I hate rapping and rappers anyway.
Grace, 11, Bridgend

Some rappers do as they include quite a lot of violence in their videos. But I think it is unfair just to blame 50 Cent.
Polly, 12, Basingstoke

I think that rappers really influence young kids especially, so all the songs should not be rude. They should be setting an example instead of encouraging violence.
Beth, 11, Leeds

People using guns don't use them because they have seen a poster of 50 Cent holding one - they use them to kill.
Andy, 13, USA

Yeah, I think they do as my brother loves 50 Cent and he says he wants to be a gangster!
Stepha, 15, Rochdale

Violence is not just 'glamorised' by rap. It's all around us it and has grown so is part of everyday life without us realising so you can't really just blame rappers. I like rap music but it hasn't influenced me.
Emi, 12, Aylesbury

I don't think that just rappers are to blame but lots of people do look up to rappers so they shouldn't go around showing off guns.
Oms, 12, Eastham

Quite a lot of people in the music industry do this but rappers especially. Violence is not cool, neither is war or pain. Bands like Green Day are anti this!
KT, 13, Leeds

They certainly do contribute towards the image of guns, but there are also other things that encourage violence and gun crime, some computer games for example.
Cat, 14, Guildford

I think rappers like 50 Cent glamorise guns, drugs and crime, I mean that all he ever raps about! But rappers like Eminem are okay - I don't think he's ever mentioned guns in his raps, at least he warns you about how badly committing crimes can screw up your life!
Sorcha, 12, London

I don't think rappers should be held anymore responsible for promoting guns than other things - such as computer games. So, no I don't think rappers are the main cause of gun glamorisation. Other things are to blame too.
Chloe, 13, Wiltshire

I think they do. I've seen in a shop a game where you play as 50 Cent and you have to blow and kill people up so in my case it does.
Iain, 10, Edinburgh

Some do but the majority don't because they have lost close friends due to gun crime, like the video for Toy Soldiers by Eminem or even Ghetto Gospel by Tupac so no, I don't think they do glorify it!
Terri, 13, Winsford

OF COURSE! Their lyrics glorify gun culture, gang warfare and street violence AND are extremely sexist to women. It's a wonder they're not banned. You can say that rappers aren't completely to blame, but they do play a huge part.
Julia, 13, London

I don't believe that they do glamorise guns. I think it shows what can happen in some cases and I think World War Two glamorises weapons from an early age since grandparents were in the war.
Joe, 14, York

Rap music is amazing but anyone who takes the lyrics seriously is just mad - it's only words and rap isn't the only music genre that promotes violence!
Chris, 12, Cardiff

I think video games show more influence on guns and weapons than rappers.
Rizwan, 12, Livingston

I think rap music does glorify gun crime but sometimes rap stars use their talent to speak out against the crime. Some rappers need to realise that they are idols and people copy what they do. Too many rappers are involved in gun crime and many of them end up dead, like Tupac.
Bob, 12, Luton

Definitely. If you remember that song 'guns don't kill people rappers do', it's making guns seem cool. But people should have some common sense too - you can't just blame rappers. If parents don't want their children to be exposed to it they shouldn't buy them the CD's or encourage it. Everyone has a brain of their own and should use it, people can influence you, but it's you who actually decides what to do.
Ramsha, 15, Ilford

I guess you have to remember that it's not just rappers who make violence seem acceptable. Video games also show crime as an everyday thing, which it shouldn't be seen as.
Alice, 12, Ipswich

I think some rappers do glamorise violence, only because of they past and what they have been through. But it is not just rappers who promote gun crime.
Alisha, 12, Manchester

People say rock and punk shows more violence, but I think rap does more. Rap is for people who can't sing!
Angharad, 14, Wales

I guess in a way rap music is to blame, but I agree that punk and rock music show violence and self-harming, so they are just as much to blame as rap.
Viki, 15, Bristol

I don't think that rappers should be blamed for glamorise violence. But they shouldn't be allowed to have guns in there songs. They are just bad influence to young kids, thinking that guns aren't bad.
John, 15, Dublin

I think rap music is rubbish, it should be banned in this country. They are a bad influence to the young generation - some kids are even talking like the rappers.
Justin, 14, Oxford

I think 50 Cent does make guns and violence look cool.
Manpreet, 11, Manchester

No, not really, children know what violence is but I suppose if a girl pop star had a gun she wouldn't get the blame would she?
Nosheen, 12, Accrington

I think Eminem glamorises violence.
Rosalyn, 11, Inverness

I'm not much of a rap fan but do think it is rather stereotypical to blame just rappers, even if the fact about 50 Cent is true! It isn't just rappers, some punk videos show self harm and smoking etc, so don't you think that is glamorising that sort of thing!
Tasha, 13, Manchester

Hell yeah! They always rap about it and people believe that it is cool to kill someone.
Becca, 13, Essex

I think they are a bad influence on smaller children. I saw the picture and I think it advertises power and violence and it is not good for the population who before you know it, will be using guns.
Gabriella, 12, East Wickham

Rap music has been clichéd as 'adult music'. Most of 50 Cent's fans are teenagers and older. They are responsible enough to make their own choices without being affected by the media. People aren't perfect and I wish governments would stop trying to make us perfect. It's so stupid...
Hanan, 15, Kuwait

I don't think it's fair to blame rappers because they are just singing and saying what their life is like.
Matt, 11, Bradford

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