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Last Updated: Friday May 27 2005 10:47 GMT

Should mobile phones be banned in school?

Happy slapping
Mobile phones are being banned in some schools to combat the 'happy slapping' craze.

But as this can only be done with camera or video phones, do you think it is wrong to ban all mobile phones?

Or do you think that the problem is so serious that all phones should be banned in schools if this will help stop it?

E-mail and let us know what you think.

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Your Comments

Yes I think so. I had my mobile with a camera on stolen out of the office where I asked them to look after it because our school got robbed.
Robert, 10, Hull

People only knew what happy slapping was after watching the news. Why should all school children be punished for just some stupid ones?
Amy-Leigh, 14, County Durham

No! People should have the sense not to do happy slapping. What if there's a real emergency and you desperately needed your mobile phone. Then what would you do?!
Nosheen, 12, London

I think it is ok to have mobile phones at school as long as the kids don't use them in the lessons.
Hana, 12, Jakarta

I don't think mobile phones should be banned in school. We use them in case of emergencies. Or for any other reason.
Grace, 11, Newcastle

In America we have the picture phones, but I don't think anyone does happy slapping. I think it should be that the cameras should be banned because as I can tell there has been a lot of bullying because of them.
Charlie, 15, USA

People need to be responsible, something that is not happening with teenagers today. Banning phones makes no difference, they will still be used and slapping will be done for the fun of it whether recorded or not.
Mat, 15, Yorkshire

I had never heard of happy-slapping until last week when our headteacher said that anyone caught doing it will be excluded. I hate the idea of someone hurting you for no reason and then recording and showing everyone. I think camera/video phones should be banned from schools. But if you bring a phone to school and use it properly (to call people) then you should not get it confiscated. Kids shouldn't have video phones. I have a mobile but I only ever text people with it and sometimes play games.
Joe, 13, Surrey

I think that mobile phones should be allowed in schools but not be used for happy slapping.
James, 11, London

Phones have been banned from my school for years now. But people still take them in and use them in class. I've even seen someone making a Happy Slapping video being made. My teacher told them to delete the video, but I'm sure they haven't.
Kitty, 15, Luton

My school doesn't allow mobiles phones in school. This is because children steal them anyway.
Ruth, 12, Chelmsford

Phones are banned from our school. This girl brought one in once. She hid it from the teachers but was showing it off in the playground. Then someone stole it and she never got it back. Sometimes I wish I could take mine in, but it's better for them to be banned.
Rachael, 12, Birmingham

NO!!! They need to be there for an emergency!!! That's the whole point of taking it!!!
Aimz, 13, Blackwater

Phones should be banned. If you have to stay behing after school, use the fone at the office. If banning phones helps to solve the problem of happy slapping, then isn't it worth being able to stay safe in other ways. Mainly slap during free time, so it would make perfect sense to ban phones.
David, 13, Manchester

I'm in a school where they are banned and it doesn't help with the happy slapping with or without a video phone. Some still do it.
Nima, 14, London

Well, in our school you are allowed normal phones but not camera phones! If you are caught with a camera phone in any part of the school grounds it will be taken off you for a calendar month, and your parents are only allowed to collect it. And if there is any picture of students in the school on it they make you erase them in front of them!
Louise, 13, Ireland

Trying to stop having phones in school is to try to stop people happy slapping each other inside school. but that's not going to stop them from doing that outside.
Osha, 11

I think that good, well behaved students should be allowed to use their mobiles. If you have had a detention or warning mobbies should be banned.
Natasha, 13, Essex

I think happy slapping should be stopped because more than ten people in my school have been a victim. But don't ban mobiles.
Kennedy, 9, London

I do not think that mobiles should be banned during school because the happy slapping is after school on the way home, so it wouldn't make a difference. But I think mobile shops shouldn't sell camera/video phones to children.
Adam, 11, Manchester

NO! I don't think that mobiles should be banned from schools because cos if u wer stuck 4 a lift u would need ur mob to fone some1 to collect u and anyway haf of us dont even do happy slappin.
Michael, 11

Our school has already banned phones because of happy slapping. I got happy slapped on my way to the bus by two people from my school, one filming it with a camera phone. It should be stopped and it's a good way to do so.
Arthur, 12, London

I think picture phones should be banned but not all types of them.
Christopher, 10, Belfast

Phones in my school are already not allowed although we are allowed to have them as long as we don't use them. I've been happy-slapped and it really hurts; the people who do it don't really consider your feelings or opinions.
Helen, 13, London

I've seen it happening around my school and i agree that something should be done but banning phones isn't the right thing. Not all kids use phones badly and are needed to contact parents in emergencies.
Rebecca, 15, Doncaster

We're not allowed our phones in school anyway, but my friend who goes to another school got happy slapped and I think it's the most stupid, childish thing to do. Maybe there should be a safe place you can put your phone during the day in case you need to be picked up from school or whatever. But you can't ban camera and video phones and allow normal ones, because loads of people would complain and say it wasn't fair.
Beth, 13, Darlington

Phones are banned in my school and everyone brings them in anyway, so banning phones wouldn't improve bullying by happy slapping.
Ellie, 14, Bath

People are too over obsessed with mobiles. I don't think schools should ban them completely, only ones with cameras and stuff. I just have a normal mobile with nothing fancy which I use to call in emergencies or to be picked up from school. Why can't people use phones that are PHONES!!
Rachel, 15, Hertfordshire

In our school we are allowed to have our phones on us for emergencies. And I have needed my phone several times, and if I didn't have my phone then I would have no way to get home. Just because of some people happy slapping etc, doesn't mean that we all do it, only the people who use their phones to record the attack should not be allowed to bring their phones to school.
Aisha, 12, Slough

Most people use their phones for an emergency but when it goes off in class the teachers take them away.
Ashleigh, 13, Slough

No I don't think that mobile phones should be banned from school because some people might need them if you need someone to pick you up. I hate the idea of what is happening.
Rachel, 11, Armadale

Instead of banning mobiles at school, they should educate people about how bad 'happy slapping' is because it could happen outside of school aswell.
Amina, 14, Lancs

No. You need your phone for many things, and people who are caught 'Happy Slapping' should get their phone taken off them forever.
Edward, 13, Lincoln

I sometimes take my mobile to school, it wouldn't make a difference to me if they were banned. But I don't think they should be banned, because some people use them in case of an emergency.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

I think mobile phones at school should not be banned because if something happened you could phone home and tell your parents what's happening.
Kimberley, 12, Newport

Well I think they should because it would stop people bringing them in but it won't stop "happy slapping". I've seen people at my school doing it without even using a phone.
Phil, 15, Bristol

Mobiles have already been banned in my school and if you are caught it gets taken 'til the end of term.
Stacey, 12, Camborne

No, phones should not be banned. I love my mobile and taking pics of my class mates - what if someone's following you home and you live a far bit away from the school - phones are handy.
Charlotte, 14, Lowestoft

I don't think phones should be banned in school because it isn't fair on people who aren't doing it. The children should grow up and act responsibly.
Chantal, 15, London

I think we should take our phones to school and they should not banned from school.
Gemma, 15, Durham

Most people need mobiles to call their parents in case they can't stay on to after school club.
Jimmy, 13, Yately

It's not a big problem and you shouldn't ban phones because children can get in touch with parents if something's wrong. You can also take pics of your friends and keep them as a special memory. 99% of kids use phones correctly anyway. Phones are very useful in emergencies.
David, 13, Cardiff

I think phones should be allowed in school because there could be a fire or emergency.
Amy, 11, Milton Keynes

We are only allowed to use our phones during our free time (break and lunch). If we use it in the lessons they get taken off us. So I don't think they will be banning them at our school. They probably will ban them at most schools.
Helen, 15, Solihull

I think you should only be allowed to take your phone to school if it doesn't have a camera on it.
Hannah, 13, Ludgershall

I don't see the problem with the use of mobile phones in schools, you see teachers using them in lessons anyway.
Lauren, 14, Bradford

Most phones have cameras these days so I think something else should be done to stop happy slapping.
Ben, 14, Darlington

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