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Last Updated: Tuesday January 03 2006 16:42 GMT

Mole family uncovers Roman villa

A group of busy moles has been credited with helping archaeologists find a Roman villa in Gloucestershire.

Fragments of ancient tiles from the villa were found in molehills and are believed to have been pushed above ground by the creatures' burrowing.

Channel 4's Time Team archaeology programme was alerted and went on to uncover an Anglo-Romano villa thought to date back to the third century AD.

Experts believe the villa could hold considerable historic importance.

The discovery was made in the Cotswold village of Withington where several other Roman villas have recently been uncovered.

Roger Box, who lives nearby and originally alerted Time Team, said he had mixed feelings about the moles.

He said: "My relationship with the moles breaks down dramatically when they decide to enter my garden!"

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