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Last Updated: Tuesday May 24 2005 16:04 GMT

Worksheet: If I were platinum

Jumble of coins, beads and gold bar (Picture: EyeWire)

If I were platinum

If I were platinum, then would I be treated precious and rare?
Instead of just a burden to bear, would I have someone that cares?
Maybe my life would have more worth and merit. If my soul were converted into carats.
The police would never attack me. Instead they would guard me. People would want me, instead of give me up and discard me.
But it seems the world would care less as we perish. While platinum would be adored and cherished.
How is it that a mere stone glistening and gleaming. Holds more value and admiration than us human beings.
It's sad that the highest value can be placed on an object so small. While life is treated as if it holds no value at all.

Written by a teenager in Huntercombe Young Offender institution (from the Howard League Magazine)


What are the dangers to society when young people feel they are of no value?

Write a poem or rap lyrics about a new approach to young offenders.

It should do the following:

  • Prevent re-offending
  • Help victims feel that justice has been done
  • Help the offender fit back into society and feel valued

Some ideas to help you:
  • education
  • meeting with victims
  • repairing damage
  • putting something back into the community
  • curfews
  • sign a contract
  • pay for damage
  • activities to keep kids out of trouble