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Last Updated: Monday May 23 2005 08:05 GMT

Chewing gum pests now face fines

Chewing gum on UK street
People who drop gum in the street could face fines of up to 75 from Monday.

The aim of the scheme, being tried out in Preston, is to get gum chewers to throw their gum in the bin when they've finished with it, not on the floor.

Specially trained wardens will issue law breakers who refuse to bin their chewing gum with fines starting at 50.

The government-backed campaign will also run adverts to convince people that getting the sticky stuff off the street is a real problem.


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Anti-gum dropping adverts will appear on posters in shopping areas and in telephone kiosks.

Disposal pouches for people to use to get rid of their gum will also be handed out in pedestrian areas.

Clean up costs millions

It costs local councils around 150m every year to scrape gum off the streets.

Manchester and Maidstone are set to sign up to the scheme next month, and if the trials go well, a national anti-litter campaign could be launched next year.

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