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Last Updated: Sunday May 22 2005 11:49 GMT

Pets being named after children

A dog
Gone are the days when your average dog name was Rover or Lucky - most pets are now being given traditional children's names, a survey's shown.

The top three names for animals are Molly, Charlie and Max, which all appear in the top 100 kids' names too.

Whereas Lucky was only 78 in the top 100 pet names poll, and Rover and Spot didn't make it in at all.

Researchers say this is because pets are seen more and more as part of the family and are named accordingly.

A spokesman said: "Not long ago you'd hear the cries of Rover, Patch and Spot in the local park on a regular basis. Now you wouldn't know whether they're calling their children or their pets."

But there are a few really odd pet names in the fave pet name list - including two Rooneys, a Wookie and a Prada. There was even a cat called Cat.

The top 10 animal names are:
1 Molly
2 Charlie
3 Max
4 Millie
5 Oscar
6 Poppy
7 Harvey
8 Alfie
9 Rosie
10 Harry

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