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Last Updated: Friday December 30 2005 14:47 GMT

Bully bunny gets fat cat to diet

Benji when he was overweight (photo: Solent News)
A very fat cat has been forced to lose some weight after being bullied by... a rabbit!

Benji, a six-year-old ginger moggy, had piled on the pounds after getting used to a high-fat diet. He weighed 10kg - that's twice the size of a normal cat.

Then the family's pet rabbit, Chester, starting jumping on the poor cat, and Benji couldn't get away from him.

So his vet put him on a diet and he lost half his bodyweight. Now he's much happier and can get away from Chester.

A slimmed down Benji (photo: Solent News)
One of his owners, Jackie Tucker, told The Metro newspaper: "He's like a new cat and has so much more energy."

Vet Katherine Blanchard said: "He was the fattest cat I've treated but he's done really well."

She added that some people don't think overweight pets are a problem, but it should be taken seriously as being obese affects animals in the same way as it affects humans.

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