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Last Updated: Friday May 20 2005 15:20 GMT

Cloning first for UK scientists

Cloned embryo
Scientists are getting excited after becoming the first in Britain to create cloned human embryos.

The team from Newcastle created three tiny human embryos, which is the name given to very early stages of human life, from donated human cells.

The embryos contain special things called stem cells, which may one day help doctors cure diseases.

But not everyone is happy as though the embryos are made in a lab, they are the same as the ones that turn into people.

Stem cells are special because they could become any part of the human body once the embryo has become a person.

It's hoped doctors could one day put them into people, replacing damaged or diseased cells.

Other scientists in Korea have been working on similar projects and are further forward in their research.

They have created 30 embryos, but much more work is needed before they become useful in curing diseases.

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