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Last Updated: Friday May 20 2005 15:15 GMT

Kids get iPods 'for eating well'

Children eating healthy fruit
Pupils who eat healthily at some schools in Scotland are being rewarded with prizes like iPods.

Kids are being offered presents, from things like cinema tickets and book tokens, right up to cool gadgets.

There are 29 schools in the scheme, organised by Glasgow City Council. The students notch up points every time they eat a healthy meal or snack.

"Most pupils wouldn't turn up their noses at winning an iPod for eating nice food," a spokeswoman said.

The scheme also encourages kids to stay in school at lunchtime, as they can only earn points by swiping a special card on canteen food, the spokeswoman added.

An iPod
And it's not all boring healthy food either - one of the most popular things on the menu is what the school calls Vital Mix, which is soup, a filled pitta, yoghurt and a healthy drink.

A Vital Mix is 40 points, and it takes 4,000 points to get one of the top prizes.

The kids can't cheat either as the swipe card has their photo on it and all the dinner ladies know them.

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