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Last Updated: Friday May 20 2005 14:08 GMT

Beauty treatment for five-year-olds

Girl with lipstick
Looking good can make you feel good, but what age should kids start going to extremes?

It seems more and more girls are having beauty treatments like facials, massages and manicures at younger ages.

One beauty salon in Scotland gave more than 250 treatments to children aged from five to 16 in the last year alone.

Some salons have even started ranges of products just for young kids.

Philippa, aged 10, doesn't think there's anything wrong with having a makeover: "I know some people think I'm too young, but it's up to me - I just have it for special occasions."

A recent survey found nine out of 10 girls are unhappy with the way they look, and it seems lots of them are doing something about it.

Philippa loves getting her make-up done
Philippa loves getting her make-up done
But experts say healthy eating and exercise are better than beauty treatments, which might actually damage young skin.

A spokesman from the Spa Association said: "Kids should be kids, not Barbie dolls.

"They should learn to feel good about themselves through sports and nutrition."

Health experts say there's nothing wrong with the odd makeover for a treat, but kids shouldn't get hooked - there's plenty of time for that when they're older!