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Last Updated: Friday May 20 2005 06:08 GMT

Crackdown on pupils' behaviour

Pupils fighting

The government is so worried about things like bullying and violence in schools that it has set up a special group to look at the problems.

A group of teachers and head teachers will look at how to improve pupils' behaviour and how to get a "culture of respect" in schools.

It's hoped the group will create a "code of behaviour" for students.

Teachers groups have been calling for a crackdown for a long time, after a rise in attacks on teachers in schools.

The group, made up of experts in discipline, will look at giving teachers more training, and getting parents to take more responsibility for how their kids act in class.

Education boss Ruth Kelly has said she wants all schools to have clear rules and punishments about bad behaviour.

The group is expected to publish a report of its recommendations in October.