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Last Updated: Monday December 26 2005 09:57 GMT

World marks tsunami anniversary

Orphans in Indonesia take part in a special tsunami service
People all over the world are remembering the many thousands of people who died in the Asian tsunami exactly a year ago.

There are memorial services taking place in countries including Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, which were some of the worst-hit areas.

The tsunami struck on Boxing Day last year, killing around 216,000 people.

Many others were left without homes, food and jobs after the disaster.

The tsunami was triggered by a massive earthquake off the Indonesian island of Sumatra, which sent giant waves across the sea causing devastation and death.

In Indonesia, people held a minute's silence to remember the victims. The city of Banda Aceh in Indonesia was one of the worst affected places of all.

A young girl points at flowers at a tsunami memorial service
The Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, paid tribute to all of his people who were still trying to rebuild their lives and said they showed that "life is worth struggling for".

Emergency aid

In Sri Lanka, the president there made a speech at a village where a train was swept off its tracks by a wave, killing at least 1,000 people. He also unveiled a monument to remember the 33,000 Sri Lankans who died in the disaster.

Thousands of people also took part in services on beaches across Thailand to pay their respects.

People have also remembered how the world came together to help the people affected by the tsunami. Around $12 billion (6.9bn) has been raised worldwide - making it the biggest-ever emergency aid effort ever.

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