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Last Updated: Friday December 23 2005 20:37 GMT

Didgeridoo 'helps sleep problems'

Picture of man sleeping
Playing a didgeridoo every day can help you sleep better, according to a study.

Swiss researchers found using the instrument for 25 minutes a day helped people with a certain kind of sleep problem called apnoea.

About five percent of people have the condition which makes their throat close, causing them to wake up in the middle of the night.

But playing the Aboriginal wind instrument helped exercise the airways and made sleeping easier.

Twenty-five people with the sleep problem were split into two groups but only one were given daily digeridoo lessons for four months.

The group who had lessons said they felt less sleepy during the day.

Sleep expert Neil Stanley said: "Exercising the airways in such a way is known to help people with this condition."

He added: "There have been reports that people who have done singing have benefited in a similar way. However, most doctors would advise people to lose weight."

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