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Last Updated: Tuesday May 17 2005 09:55 GMT

I went to the Episode III premiere

Darth Vader and Stormtroopers

The last ever new Star Wars film, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, is in cinemas on Thursday.

On Monday lots of the stars of the film were at the UK premiere in London's Leicester Square, and Pablo was there to report for Newsround.

"We had to be there by 6.30pm, an hour before the stars were expected to start arriving.

But they started to come earlier than that, with Christopher Lee arriving first. He did one interview and then walked past everyone else.

Kenny Baker was next, he talked to everyone. I asked him about R2-D2 and he seemed really glad to be the droid.

Star Wars creator George Lucas

The bigger stars started coming a few minutes later.

Director George Lucas turned up and did some interviews. Then he posed for some pictures and talked to as many fans as he could.

Then he came back towards us and I got to ask him how he felt about creating Star Wars.

Crowds of Star Wars fans in Leicester Square
Fans waited in the rain for the stars of Star Wars
He said he was very happy to have made so many people around the world very happy.

Then we went into the cinema to watch the film with lots of the actors, who were all sat near the front. The only ones I didn't see were Samuel L Jackson and Natalie Portman.

Before the film a man was talking to some of the actors about the film, but people just wanted it to start.

Then he stopped talking and Episode III started. There was a huge cheer when the yellow writing came up, and then it went into the battle.

Didn't know what was coming next

The special effects were brilliant. In some films you can tell they're effects but in Star Wars you couldn't.

The space battle at the beginning was good. Normally the battles are at the end but this time it was at the beginning which surprised me - I didn't what was going to come next.

I thought it was interesting that when Anakin went to the Dark Side he thought it was to bring peace to the galaxy, but it just makes things worse.

I thought that the film was great, definitely the best one of the three new ones.

Some people are really disappointed by The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, but this one has made them better.

I don't think people should compare this one to the older ones. They are classics, so it's difficult to rate them against the old ones."

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