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Last Updated: Thursday December 22 2005 14:07 GMT

Tsunami kids find recovery hard

Indonesian pupils learn to read at a new school
Many of the children directly affected by last year's tsunami are still recovering from the experience, according to a study by Unicef.

The United Nations' kids organisation spoke to children caught up in the disaster, and found those in Indonesia were finding it hardest to recover.

But children in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand feel hopeful about the future.

The survey of over 1,600 children also found that many still worry that another natural disaster will strike.

Kids use schoolwork to keep them busy
Some of the children Unicef spoke to said they still felt worried about the future.

One child from Sri Lanka said: "I want my father to have tools and equipment to go back to work."

And a child from Indonesia said they enjoyed studying to keep their mind off sad thoughts: "Schooling gives us activity so we don't think about unpleasant things."

Earthquake shock

The earthquake and following tsunami struck Asia without warning on 26 December 2004.

More than 231,000 people were killed, including around 50,000 children.

The wave was set off by a huge earthquake deep under the Indian Ocean, which hit the coastlines of five countries.

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