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Last Updated: Tuesday May 17 2005 18:06 GMT

What do you think of the new GOF cast members?

Stanislav Ianevski plays Viktor Krum
New pictures of The Goblet of Fire cast have been released.

We want to know what you think of them.

Do the characters look as you expected? Does Viktor Krum look perfect to you?

Or is there anyone who just doesn't seem right?

E-mail and tell us what you think.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

Katie Leung looks perfect for Cho Chang. I don't think Fleur Delacour looks magical enough, but I suppose they could use graphics and make up and stuff. Both the boys look very sinister which is good for Krum but very wrong for Cedric, I always thought he was very cheery in the books. But if they can act then it won't really matter.
Alice, 13, Swansea

I think the girls look stunning and they look exactly how I imagined them to look like. However I didn't imagine Krum to look better than the boy who's playing Cedric. I thought Cedric was supposed to be the heartthrob. Great choice of cast.
Rachelle, 15, Bournemouth

They look different to what I pictured in my head but I think they still look great!
Sophie, 13, Barton

Perfect!!! Cho is exactly how I imagined her and she's very very pretty!!! (I bet Daniel Radcliffe's happy!!) Krum isn't what I expected. He's better!!!
Hannah, 14, Middlesbrough

I think Cho Chang is captured perfectly. Fleur is not as pretty as I expected her to be and she looks bit old. Viktor is old! He seems about 29 to me! And Cedric isn't as handsome as I imagined either.
Tatiana, 13, Germany

I think all the characters look great and I think the professionals who chose them knew what they were doing! Everyone should be pleased for them, not criticising them already!
Rosie, 13, Uttoxeter

They are very good but Fleur isn't as I thought she would be. Katie as Cho is perfect.
Sean, 13, London

I think Cho Chang is pretty and perfect for the part. But Cedric and Victor, er... I think they went wrong there.
Imogen, 14, Barrow

I think everyone but Fleur looks as what I thought but Cedric looks the part.
Jessica, 12, Hull

I think Katie really looks the part but the rest just don't look as pretty and good looking as I expected. But it's their acting that counts.
Autumn, 13, Darlington

I'm not sure. Cho's perfect for it, Cedric's okay, Fleur doesn't exactly look Veela so hopefully make-up will do the job and Krum just isn't what I expected. He's weird and not exactly a person you'd fall for. He's supposed to have girls following him around?
Sian, 14, Leicester

I think all the cast looked absolutely fab! Especially Victor Krum coz in the book Krum is meant to looked older than he is and looked tougher than Cedric Diggory and even Harry Potter! I think they have chosen...wisely!
NurSuaidah, 11, Barking

I think they have done a good job with the new characters. I didn't imagine them exactly what they look like but it is close enough for me.
Beki, 12, Heathfield

I think Katie is great for playing Cho Chang, I don't think Fleur is that pretty as I imagined, Cedric looks....ok and Krum looks just like my dad!!!! and he looks old.
Ashleigh, 13, Slough

I that the cast for the new Harry Potter looks fab. But I hope the new cast are good other wise it'll ruin the movie. But I doubt they will anyway! I sooo can't wait!!
Rachael, 15, Prescot

I think the actress who plays Fleur is very very pretty, but she doesn't look like she has any Veela blood!
Emma, 14, Kent

If their acting is as good as they look for their parts, then this next HP film should be good!
Chantal, 14, Sevenoaks

YES! YES! YES! I think that the GOF cast is brilliant! Cho Chang is PERFECT!!! Although Krum ain't exactly ugly is he? And Cedric is well .. um .. different! Don't You think Fleur looks a bit young?
Rachel, 12, Westhill

I am an avid 'Harry Potter' fan so I had clear pictures of each character. When they were first announced I was really disappointed, especially about Viktor Krum and Fleur Delacour, but now I've come round and think they're all great!
Rachael, 15, London

Everyone has their own images of the characters in their heads, and when you see the film, it kind of spoils it. But I think they have done pretty well with this movie, the characters look very good!
Laura, 13, Northallerton

None of the new characters look anything like I imagined, but I will get used to them. I really like Stanislav (Viktor Krum), he is really hot! Cedric isn't as good looking as he is supposed to be I think, and Fleur seems really pretty. Cho looks older than I expected, but that doesn't matter too much. I would like to see more pictures of her. I just can't wait to see them all act! I need November to come quickly!
Leigh, 14, East Kilbride

Is it me, or does Viktor Krum played by Stanislav Ianevski have a resemblance to Orlando Bloom?
Claire, 15 Portsmouth

I don't really mind unless their acting is terrible!
Nancy, 11, London

I think Katie looks great for Cho and Cedric looks quite good looking too, but I'm not quite sure about Fleur. Krum looks a bit older than I would have expected.
Alia, 12, Birmingham

I think they look great! Cho looks much older than I thought.
Kate, 13, Reigate

They look good, especially Cho, but I think Fleur doesn't look that hot!
Tom, 14, Epsom

The two girls look great, and so does Cedric, but Viktor is much cuter than I imagined him!
Becki, 12, Aylesbury

I love the look of all the characters so far. Cedric is a little different from what I expected and Victor Krum looks rather stubborn and quite old, however I do think that both suit the roles quite well.
Grace, 13, Manchester

I think all the new characters look nothing to how I imagined them.
Anna, 11, London

I am not sure about the actors, as I have a clear picture in my head as I want them to be. Seeing the movie spoils it a bit as you have exactly the right thing in your head.
Rosie, 11, Loughborough

Cedric Diggory is worse than I expected. Viktor Krum however is quite hot. I think that Cho looks quite young.
Emily, 15, Worthing

Cho Chang and Fleur Delacour look great I think, and the Viktor Krum and Cedric look pretty good too!
Sarah, 14, Essex

All of the new characters are perfect! I'm particularly pleased they chose well this time as I thought Professor Lupin and Sirius were cast badly in the 3rd film.
Scarlett, 15, London

I think that Cho Chang looks really pretty. No wonder Harry's after her heart!
Nicola, 14, Scotland

Cho Chang is how I imagined her but Fleur Delacour, Cedric Diggory and Krum are all wrong!
Jenny, 15, Bristol

I think they all look great for there parts. The only person who I think isn't as good as they could be, is the person playing Viktor Krum. Although if he can act and is good for the acting part. Then that's what I think matters the most.
Rachel, 13, Wiltshire

I don't really think Cedric is very cute but I think Viktor Krum is!! Yeah, it should be a good film!!
Ellie, 13, Devon

Viktor Krum looks a bit older than I thought he would be, but I think Cedric looks really cute!
Angela, 13, Hull

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