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Last Updated: Tuesday December 20 2005 19:14 GMT

Dark chocolate is good for you!

Here's a great Christmas present - scientists have discovered that eating chocolate is good for you!

A few squares of dark chocolate every day could help reduce the risk of heart disease, researchers have found.

The yummy stuff contains something called anti-oxidants that prevent the tubes pumping blood to the heart - the arteries - from narrowing.

But the Swiss team found that eating white chocolate did not have any healthy benefits!

The scientists made their discovery after carrying out tests on a group of 20 healthy smokers.

The men were asked not to eat foods rich in anti-oxidants - such as onions, apples and cabbage - before being fed 40g (2oz) portions of different types of chocolate.

After two hours, special scans showed that dark chocolate had "significantly improved" blood flow to the heart.

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