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Last Updated: Thursday June 23 2005 15:10 GMT

Quiz: Dress Codes


Question 1

Which items of clothing have been banned from the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent?

A: Belts and trainers
B: Baseball caps and hoodies
C: Wristbands and sweatbands

Question 2

What type of trousers were banned from Carterton Community College in Oxfordshire in 2002?

A: Pedal pushers
B: Hipsters
C: Flares

Question 3

Pupils at Christ's Hospital School wear the world's oldest school uniform. Which times does it date back to?

A: Roman
B: Tudor
C: Victorian

Question 4

A boy was suspended from Savio Roman Catholic High School, Bootle in 2003 for having the same hairstyle as which celebrity?

A: David Beckham
B: Vernon Kay
C: Jack Osbourne

Question 5

London Zoo were offering two for the price of one tickets on 8 August 2004 to people with which colour hair?

A: Green, to mark the birth of a rare frog
B: Red, to mark the birth of a rare ginger monkey
C: Pink, to mark the birth of a rare flamingo

Question 6

A boy from Hawthorn High School in Pontypridd, Wales was sent home from a school award ceremony in 2002 for styling his hair like which former Pop Idol?

A: Gareth Gates
B: Will Young
C: Rik Waller

Question 7

In 2004, the President of Turkmenistan banned young men from having long hair or beards in 2004. true or false?

A: True
B: False

Question 8

A girl was ordered to stay away from Oriel High School in Gorleston, Norfolk in 2003 for having what stuck to her front tooth?

A: A gem
B: A tooth tattoo
C: A piece of chewing gum

Question 9

When dining in the restaurant at the Ritz hotel in London, what must gentlemen wear?

A: A dressing gown and slippers
B: A coat and scarf
C: A jacket and tie

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