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Last Updated: Friday May 13 2005 07:46 GMT

Inside a monstrous Doctor Who exhibition

A Doctor Who exhibition is about to open on Brighton Pier.

Newsround Online's Clare Youell got a sneak preview.

It's the Doctor's worst nightmare...

Daleks, Autons, Cassandra and the Slitheen all under one roof.

But for fans of Doctor Who this exhibition is a thrilling trip back in time.

To get you in the mood, as you approach the pier I could hear the chilling strains of the Doctor Who theme tune playing in the background.

The Wheelie bin which ate Mickey

When I walked into the Dome where the event is held I was immediately chased by three Daleks, shouting "Exterminate"!

They were milling around the entrance, greeting people in their scary, mechanical way. They seemed willing enough to chat, but I just couldn't get past the fact that they were Daleks.

So I squeezed past them and took a look around.

Wheelie bin

The first thing that grabs your attention is a giant mock-up of the Tardis, with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper's original costumes inside. Of course Christopher's Doctor isn't the first. He's the ninth incarnation of the travelling TimeLord. So there's a display of the previous doctors and what they were like.

The first monsters I came across were the Autons - there's some in suits and some bursting out of a shop window in wedding dresses. Then I almost tripped over a bland-looking box in the corner, and realised it was THAT wheelie bin which swallowed Mickey in episode one. There's the original storyboards of the bin-munching sequence too.

Episode two provides some of the best monsters - there's the Forrest of Cheem, the Moxx of Balhoon, the Face of Boe, robot spiders and of course, the stretchy skin of Cassandra.

Space Pig

There's information boards up in every room, explaining how the programme-makers combined models with CGI to make the monsters look as real as possible.

The Slitheen with Newsround's Clare Youell
The Slitheen are good too. You can pose in the arms of a seven-foot Slitheen, and glare at a Space Pig and the mask of one of the aliens in human form - complete with a zip in its forehead of course. Luckily (or perhaps unluckily?) there's no farting...

Daleks are a central feature of it all of course. And you can see them in all their forms from a battered old one, to a shiny new gold one. There's even a model of the slimy mutant creature which lives inside the casing. Ughhh!


At the moment, there's only monsters and props from the episodes which have been on TV so far, but others will be added as the shows go out.

A Space Pig
Doctor Who's director, Phil Collinson, was at the event. He said he "loved" the exhibition.

"I'm thrilled that kids can actually go and see, and touch, and experience the creatures and the whole world that is Doctor Who," he said. "I'm happy it has opened so quickly as over the next five weeks kids can come down here and then go home and watch it on TV."

He added he was delighted that the TV show was doing so well and was particularly pleased that kids loved it. But he defended claims that Doctor Who is too scary for children.

"It's good for kids to be a little bit scared," he said. "We're really careful about what we put in episodes and we try to judge exactly how scary we can be. The monsters have never won, the Doctor always beats them. We never leave kids in fear or dread.

"Doctor Who is a slightly scary family show."


As I neared the end of the exhibition, I decided it was time to brave the Daleks again.

Inside a Dalek
I asked a Dalek (politely of course) if I could take his picture, and suddenly I was surrounded by three Daleks, threatening to exterminate me if I didn't include them in the photo!

I quickly took the snap and slowly backed away.

"Where. Are. You. Going?" they demanded.

"Away - you're too scary," I admitted.

"We. Are. Supposed. To. Scare. You. We Are Daleks. We Are Daleks," they chanted.

A job well done then!

The Doctor Who exhibition is at Brighton Pier until at least 6 November 2005. For more information, click on the Doctor Who exhibitions web link to the right of this page.

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