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Last Updated: Thursday May 12 2005 10:06 GMT

Parents snapping up 'brain food'

Your dinners may look a little different at the moment because parents are snapping up special 'brain food'.

Students all over the UK are filling up on foods that are thought to improve memory and help people think.

Tesco says its customers have been buying lots of fish, peppers, spinach and fresh fruit because schools and university students are doing exams.

The supermarket thinks lots of mums are trying to encourage their kids to eat those foods to help their memories.


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The man in charge of Tesco's fruit and veg, Peter Durose, said: "Students are getting wise to the fact that by using a good diet to aid their studying, they can boost their performance at this vital time."

He added that the idea of special food to help you think is getting more and more popular, because sales of 'brain foods' leap up around this time every year.

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