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Last Updated: Saturday December 17 2005 17:46 GMT

Big protest at world trade talks

Police and protestors clash in Hong Kong
Around 900 protestors have been "rounded up" in Hong Kong after clashes with riot police at world trade talks.

The six days of talks - called the World Trade Organization's Ministerial Conference - are due to end on Sunday.

There are 149 members of the WTO and its main reason for existing is to promote free trade around the world.

It's hoped that an agreement will be reached at the talks that will help poorer countries, although there have been problems between the members.

One of the most important things they are talking about is farming, and something called subsidies.

A number of richer countries help out their farmers by paying them extra cash so they can afford to sell their food more cheaply, but that makes it hard for farmers in poorer countries to compete with them.

In Hong Kong, authorities said 41 people have been injured, including five police officers in the clashes.

A draft agreement from the summit has already been attacked by relief agencies, with ActionAid calling it "a disgrace and an insult to poor people all over the world".

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