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Last Updated: Wednesday May 11 2005 13:41 GMT

Worksheet: Debating order

Cut up this worksheet and put the stages of a debate in the correct order.

An opposer sums up their group's main argument.

The first proposer presents the arguments for the motion.

The Speaker announces the result of the vote.

One of the proposers presents their arguments for the motion.

Everyone votes (apart from the Speaker) by leaving the debating chamber and coming back through a door marked 'aye' or 'no.'

The debate is chaired by the Speaker, who reads out the motion.

This side to side motion continues until everyone has had their say. You can only speak ONCE during the debate.

Two people, called tellers, count up the votes (bodies), as they come through each door.

A proposer sums up their group's main argument.

The first opposer presents the arguments against the motion.

An opposer presents their arguments against the motion.

The speaker re-reads the motion.

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