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Last Updated: Friday May 13 2005 10:51 GMT

Is it right to ban caps and hoodies?

Shopper's face concealed by a hoodie
Baseball caps and hoodies have been banned from a shopping centre in Kent in an attempt to stop anti-social behaviour.

This is because the clothing can be worn to deliberately hide the face, which can be intimidating for shoppers.

So do you think that if it will stop bad behaviour then it's fair enough to do this?

Or do you think it is discriminating against most young people who wear these clothes and don't misbehave?

And are you worried you might have to invest in a whole new wardrobe just to go to your local mall in future?

E-mail and let us know what you think.

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Your comments

Right well I think it stinks. I wear caps and hoodies because I am a goth and I really don't like the sun so I wear hoodies and caps to keep my face out of the sun, but if they get banned I will hardly ever go out.
Sara, 14, Newcastle

Well, it's good and bad. It would cut down on crime and catch people who are trying to steal products, but I wear hoodies myself and I don't prefer to wear anything else. There should just be more security around like those scanners by the entrance of shops.
Phil, 15, Bristol

I sometimes feel intimidated by boys in hoodies but only if they are in a large group when they are all wearing hoodies. But most of the time if there is 1 or 2 boys wearing them it doesn't bother me mainly because I like wearing them too! My brother and all his friends wear them and they never intimidate me. The clothes you wear make a statement about yourself and if people want to wear hoodies it is their right to.
Nia, 13, Llanelli

Banning them is a bad idea, but if you don't want people with them on walking around in shops, ban them from shopping centres.
Rach, 14, Twickenham

I agree with this ban because if you had a person go into a shopping centre and commit a murder, would you want to be able to identify them instead of having them with a hood up? I think it's a load of rubbish, anyway, this fashion...
Philippa, 12, London

I don't think that hoodies should be banned because everywhere else you go something is banned and it's not fair for us kids!
Lucy, 10, Bridgwater

I disagree with banning hoodies because people that commit crimes tend to wear them more so I know I should stay away from them.
Carol, 12, London

Give it a year or two and no one will want to wear one because they will be out of fashion.
Tom, 13, Enfield

I think it's ageism to ban caps and hoodies. If you saw an old lady wearing a hood, you wouldn't feel as if that she was going to rob you! It's a piece of clothing and should not be banned. On the other hand, they are used a lot by thugs to not let people see them on CCTV and this ban could decrease shoplifting. I really can't decide.
Jessica, 13, Sanderstead

Most of the time I wear a hood just to keep my ears warm.
Ben, 14, Crawley

Hello, it's only clothes! If people are going to ban people from what they wear then you might as well ban people from saying what they want. It's only clothes and since when do hoodies make people feel intimidated?
Aisha, 12, Slough

I think that it is stupid to ban caps and hoodies! If someone chooses to wear them and it defines their own personal style then no one else should bother about it. If you don't like the wearing of hoodies and caps then don't wear them!
Jessie, 15, Alaska

I think that banning caps and hoodies is a bad idea because it is saying that whoever wears them, like me, is a bad person.
Andy, 12, Plymouth

That's just discriminating people who wear them and don't misbehave! I wear a hoodie but I don't wear the hood up unless it's raining!
Laurie, 14, Birkhill

That is just stupid. People should be allowed to wear what they want. It is only hoodies and caps!
Jay, 14, Scotland

I think it's so unfair. If they have a problem with all that stuff they should add more security! It's not as if it's school! People should be able to wear what they want - it is fashion! Soon we would have to wear a different outfit for each shop we go to!
Ashleigh, 13, Slough

Banning hoodies and caps is like telling you what to wear. Nobody has the right to do that.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

That isn't right. I wear a hoodie and a cap because I like it - shop keepers should be more responsible.
Ismal, 15, Reading

Hoodies shouldn't be banned, but you shouldn't be allowed to wear the hood up. They're not doing this to stop us from having fun, they're doing it so they can see their faces if someone steals something!
Tyron, 13, London

Hoodies should never get banned! Only caps should get banned in my opinion.
Bethan, 12, Grantham

Why not just ban us all from shops? The restrictions put on us these days are unbelievable! It's so unfair. I think caps are fine. Not pleased about this discrimination!
Sian, 14, Leicester

I agree with this ban full-heartedly. Where I live there's a lot of crime, and I always get scared if I'm by myself and there's a large gang of people wearing hoodies so you can't see their faces.
Lily, 15, London

I think it's a bit of a stupid idea really... I go to Bluewater and there doesn't seem to be a real problem with it. But I suppose it's a good idea to identify people who are trying to steal stuff.
Katie, 15, Maidstone

I don't think that its fair because I like wearing hoodies and just because people wear them doesn't mean it's to hide their face. I think it's a stupid idea.
Lauren, 15, Sunderland

I really don't think it's right because people like to wear these things and I think the shop keepers just have to respect what people wear.
Safia, 14, Birmingham

I use Bluewater quite a lot and I think it's wrong as it stops people being who they want to be, and I'm sure if any celebrity wore a hat they wouldn't be chucked out.
Megan, 12, Bromley

I think it is right to ban hoodies and caps because it's very intimidating for older shoppers and people of the same age.
Libby, 13, Birmingham

I don't think it will make a difference to anything, apart from that there will be loads of really annoyed teenagers going around.
Floss, 14, London

I don't think it's right to ban hoodies but I think they should ban people from putting the hoods up whilst in a store because this could make the public feel unsafe. But banning hoodies all together is harsh because there are some people who just feel comfortable in them.
Linda, 14, Redditch

No, it's wrong! Just stopping people from wearing what they want won't stop anti-social behaviour, it will make it worse.
Edward, 13, Lincoln

I think it's the worst idea ever! We should be able to wear what we want! People will carry on doing it anyway. A better idea would be to have security guards at the exit and patrolling the shop. Me and my mates love to wear hoodies 'coz they keep our heads warm if we want to go shopping and it's cool to wear them as we're modern-day kids!
Emma, 13, Penarth

I think they should ban hoodies and caps only when necessary because most attackers wear hoodies and caps, as it hides their identity.
Rachel, 12, Stevenage

Gangs of teenagers in hoodies and baseball caps can look quite intimidating, but there are so many prejudiced views against teenagers it seems we don't have freedom to do anything anymore.
Jade, 15, Cannock

I think that banning people from the mall based on what they are wearing is wrong.
Ursula, 15, Nottingham

I think it's right for 16s and over but not for under 16s.
Jo-Jo, 9, Tadworth

That isn't anti-social at all. It's your clothes. It's a way of expressing yourself.
Emma, 15, Kilmarnock

I agree with this ban. I think they're a bad influence on young children and also people look at you in a bad way, they think that you're shoplifting or something.
Nosheen, 12, London

There is a lot of hoodies and caps around, so I'm not really that bothered if they are banned.
Charlie, 13, Yorkshire

My friend and I get scared when we see someone in a hoody. You can't see their face so you don't know what they're up to. I SAY BAN THEM!
Catherine, 12, Ruislip

I think banning hoodies stinks. I wear one all the time.
Jack, 9, Hull

I think that this is a good idea because I sometimes feel intimidated by people wearing caps and hoodies. I think it makes people show respect for other shoppers and the staff.
Claudia, 13, Moscow

My brother is wearing his hood up right now... and he's just watching the telly but he only has it up 'cos he feels like it. He wouldn't go out like that because he knows it gives you a bad image.
Lou, 14, Woking

I think that the shops should get a life! It's just another thing that they can think of to stop teenagers from having a good time!
Sophie, 14 Sheffield

I don't agree that they should be banned, it's just what they want to wear. There must be other ways of preventing anti-social behaviour without stopping people from wearing what they want to!
Clare, 15, Portsmouth

I think that hoodies and caps shouldn't be banned. Nobody ever thinks about the teens' feelings towards this kind of thing, and it isn't fair. I say put it past the teens too. They're part of the community too.
Alison, 14, Ottawa

I think it's fine to wear a cap or hoody if you don't want anyone to see you.
Tristan, 14, Finchampstead

Our local shop had the brilliant idea of putting speakers outside and playing classical music to scare the nerds away!
Katie, 13, Glasgow

It's horrible. It's discriminatory against people who wear it because they like it! Just because they wear it doesn't make them bad! It's just like all the other things against teenagers and kids.
Liz, 12, Lancaster

I don't think it's right - it's just sad, the shop needs to think a bit more carefully about what they are doing because it isn't going stop people from doing it!
Tasha, 14, Essex

I don't think its right to ban hoodies or caps, people have a right to choose to wear what they want.
Hannah, 13, Hull

I don't think it's right at all. What if you want to wear one just 'cos you're having a bad hair day?
Jade, 14, York

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