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Last Updated: Wednesday May 11 2005 11:35 GMT

Is this the face of Tutankhamun?

A model of the head of Tutankhamun
The French team added skintones and make-up
The face of one of the most famous ancient Egyptian kings, Tutankhamun, has been revealed by scientists.

They used really deep scans of his mummy to work out what he would have looked like when he died, aged 19.

Three different teams from the US, Egypt and France all worked with the scans to create three different, but similar versions of his head.

They showed Tutankhamun had round cheeks, a sloping nose and a slight overbite, like other Egyptian kings.

King Tut facts
A model of the head of Tutankhamun
Tutankhamun became king aged nine and died 10 years later
No one has ever been sure how he died
Some people think he was murdered
His tomb was found in 1922 by a team led by Howard Carter
The scans seem to prove that Tutankhamun wasn't killed by a blow to the head, and the scanning team have come up with another reason why he may have died.

They think that a leg injury Tutankhamun suffered just before he died also shown in the scans may have got infected, perhaps killing him.

A spokesman for Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities said they hope to scan every one of the mummies found, and create a model for each one.

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