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Last Updated: Wednesday December 28 2005 09:34 GMT

Helping care for the environment


Everything we do has an impact on our environment, so Press Packer Gaby and her friends at school organise fun ways to raise awareness of environmental issues.

In her report Gaby tells us what we can all do to help.

"I'm a part of the Environment Committee at school. We wear green badges with EC on them.

On Wednesday lunchtimes we get together to discuss projects which we can undergo. A few weeks ago it was Shout about Climate Week.

Bright idea!

The EC organised really cool events.

We had pledge cards and an energy bike. You had to pedal on it to power different items like a laptop or an ordinary bulb.

The energy saving bulb was much easier to light than the ordinary bulb!

The EC have been interviewed by Friends of the Earth and a radio station. I believe it is really important to raise awareness about global warming in a fun and motivated way.

You can ask your geography teacher for more information.

Go green!

Go green is the message! There is so much we can do to save the world.

For Christmas I got my dad a whole load of energy bulbs!

There are lots of things we can do everywhere, at home and at school.

Try writing on both sides of paper and recycle it afterwards. Believe me, you will get lots out of it!"

Gaby, 13, Hertfordshire

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