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Last Updated: Thursday December 15 2005 15:58 GMT

Amazing sea life found in survey

Deep sea jelly-fish
Thousands of unknown species have been discovered in a survey of life deep in the ocean, and scientists reckon there are still thousands more to find.

Using a special new robotic craft, which can travel a mile down to the sea bed, animals were gently sucked up for scientists to study.

They found 40,000 species, including a weird creature that turned out to be 12 jellyfish all stuck together!

The survey will continue scouring the sea floor until 2010.

The scientists found things like weird blind fish, sea cucumbers, and tiny, meat-eating sponges.

The marine experts also looked around the Indian Ocean - and found a dead zone with no life at all at the centre of last year's tsunami.

Professor Ron O'Dor, from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, who is one of the scientists working on the Census of Marine Life, said: "Humans have dramatically changed the structure of ocean ecosystems by removing larger fish.

"We may not be able to put it back the way it was before, but the sea can still be vastly productive."

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