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Last Updated: Wednesday January 18 2006 15:14 GMT

Film review: King Kong

King Kong

Release date

15 Dec (Cert 12A)

The stars

This is the third King Kong movie - the first was made way back in the 1930s - and the BIGGEST star is obviously the giant gorilla himself.

In this case he's mainly CGI but there's also an actor in there somewhere. Andy Serkis provided some gorilla-like facial expressions for the animators to work with and also stood in as the big ape on set, so co-stars would have someone to work with.

Serkis was also the basis for the character Gollum in Lord of the Rings. Naomi Watts is the woman who Kong falls for and Jack Black plays an evil film producer.

The plot

Apart from the plot about the big ape himself, this film is really interesting because it's a movie within a movie.

Jack Black is a film-maker who takes his cast and crew off in a boat to discover a mystery island. Once they get there, they realise why no-one has come back from the island before...

The team battle unfriendly natives, dinosaurs and all sorts of oversized animals and insects.

Those who survive head back to New York - with an over-sized guest on board.

Best bits

Personally I reckon it's the film of the year, blowing both Potter and Narnia out of the water.

It's a whopping three hours, 10 minutes long, so do visit the loo before you sit down! But despite that you will be gripped throughout.

Peter Jackson has pulled out all the stops - the special effects are mind-blowing, but the film is thoughtful, intelligent and a real class act.

Fave characters

I'm a Jack Black fan anyway and he didn't disappoint, playing a greedy, ambitious film maker who never lets sentiment cloud his desire to make a smash hit movie.

Any weak bits?

If you don't like sitting still for more than an hour and a half, wait for the DVD release, otherwise grab a big tub of popcorn, a friend's hand to hold for the scary bits, sit back and enjoy this monster movie.

Peter Jackson is unstoppable!

Hit or miss?

See this film. It's got it all - great characters, script and special effects, bits to make you laugh, cry and jump out of your seat.

A King-size treat.

NR rating:

Newsround rating: five out of five

Have YOU seen this film yet?

This film is a great adventure for people who enjoy adventurous things.
Dan & Phil, 11, Keyworth

It was fantastic, definitely one of the best films I've ever seen.
Hannah, 12, Cardiff

Very good animation but the first hour is kind of boring and drags on a bit but still very good animation.
Anna, 12, Liverpool

I saw the 1976 one first, it was a real blast! I enjoyed it so much that I saw this film, which has much better graphics and plot line.
Noor, 12 Sheffield

I thought it was brilliant. It was so gripping. I didn't have a favourite part as it was all really good. I would give it 11/10.
Katy, 12, Scotland

This 1930s tale is touching, even though it is a large gorilla. Kong and Anna are wonderful and understand one an other. Andy Serkis made a terrific Kong. 11/10, well done.
Joanna, 14, Huddersfield

I am never ever watching that film again! Never! There was so much blood, and fights and broken bones! The only bit I liked was the end.
Kate, 15, Aylesbury

I saw this film yesterday and it blew me away! It has fantastic graphics and King Kong is so realistic, it's a must-see film but when the natives come on it can be a little scary and gruesome.
Vaidehi, 14, Walsall

I thought the film was brilliant and outstanding. The best bits were when there were the loads of insects and slugs.
Mel, 12, Prenton

This film is wicked, it's scary, creepy, sad, action, gross and funny all at the same time! The insect bit creeped me out though! You must see it! Peter Jackson has done it again!
Peter, 15, Essex

I don't like it very much because it's comparing humans with primates.
Trent, 12, Oxford

I saw this movie and I though it was AMAZING! The only bad thing about it was that it was 3 hours long!
Aimee, 12, Belfast

Fantastic mind blowing amazing stuff peter Jackson is the best director ever!
Jack, 10, Belfast

One word. Wow. This movie is amazing, probably the best movie I have seen this year. The acting, the sound, the effects...all great. King Kong himself was fantastic. I was on his side for most of the movie, and found myself hoping he would crush the humans who were attacking him! He was funny too, but he also made me sad, so much though that I found myself crying-something I don't often do at a movie! The ending is so sad and shocking...great movie.
Tom, 15, Epsom

This movie is great! See it!
Rory, 12, Dublin

I thought it was alright but you definitely cannot give it film of the year, it doesn't grip you throughout and I would give it 3 stars.
Josh, 14, Surrey

This film totally rocked! I'm not surprised it was given the 12A rating - I screamed out loud at one point!
Elena, 14

Wow!!!!! I've just come back from the cinema and the film was absolutely amazing. Even the scary bits! It was one wicked film and I recommend everyone to watch.
Nosheen, 12 Accrington

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