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Last Updated: Tuesday May 10 2005 07:40 GMT

I raised cash for an African orphanage

Jess raised cash for an African orphanage
Jess hold ups her generous cheque

Jess's aunty and uncle do lots of charity work for the Kondanani orphanage in Malawi in Africa.

When Jess heard about the orphanage and the children who live there she decided she must help too.

Here she tells us all about Kondanani and what she did to raise cash.

"Malawi is the 7th poorest country in the world and a lot of the educated kids in Malawi live in Kondanani.

Babies are left in Kondanani orphanage because their parents have died or are dying of Aids. Lots of the children in Kondanani also have Aids.

Place to live

The children who live there are fed, loved, educated and given a place to live.

Children at orphange
Smile! Children at the orphange
Last year we found out that Kondanani needed a truck which would transport the abandoned babies to the health clinic. Everybody was getting involved to raise money and so was I.

After showing the information about Kondanani to my head of year at school I raised 1,619 with the help of 250 other pupils.

Cream teas

I still wanted to do more, so, I organised a strawberry tea for my family and neighbours.

My friends and I served our guests tea, scones, strawberries and lashing of fresh cream.

After being advertised on the local radio station, lots of people turned up. We raised 800.

Overall Kondanani received 25,000 from the UK fund raising!"

Jess, 13, Wrexham

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