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Last Updated: Wednesday December 14 2005 10:55 GMT

Houses needed for tsunami victims

Clean up after tsunami
More than 300,000 houses need to be built for the survivors of the Asian tsunami disaster, says charity Oxfam.

In a report, the group said governments in the affected area were acting too slowly, meaning 1.5 million people were still in temporary shelters.

There is enough money for the houses, but disagreements over what land should be used and where tsunami defences will be built are holding things up.

200,000 people were killed when waves hit south Asia on 26 December 2004.

There are also problems because there aren't enough people who know how to build shelters in the countries hit by the tsunami.

Countries including India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka were badly damaged by the effects of the tidal wave which was set off by an underwater earthquake.

People have compared building all the necessary houses to trying to put up a city the size of Birmingham from nothing.

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