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Last Updated: Saturday May 07 2005 14:07 GMT

Doctors ask Jamie for food help

Kitchen in a hospital
Just like school dinners, hospital food needs help from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, say junior doctors.

Following his massive success in improving lunches at school, Jamie might be asked to cook up something nice for hospitals too.

Doctors are talking about hospital grub at a big meeting this weekend, and some say patients' meals could be better.

They say food plays an important part in helping patients get better quickly, so should be as nutritious as possible.

Jamie Oliver
A spokesman for chef Jamie said he hopes that once the new school lunch plans are up and running the government will look at using what they have learned to improve hospital food.

"Just as we now know that good food is important for kids' general well-being, nutrition is also crucial to the healing process," added the spokesman.

Second attempt

Five years ago another celebrity chef, Lloyd Grossman, led a campaign to improve hospital meals.

But some doctors said they hadn't noticed an improvement in the food.

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