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Last Updated: Tuesday May 10 2005 18:01 GMT

Your message for Tony Blair

Labour leader Tony Blair
The General Election results are in. The Labour party have been re-elected, but with fewer seats than before.

So what do you think about Tony Blair staying on as Prime Minister?

Do you think he deserves to?

What do you think should be top of his list now that he's got another chance?

And what do you think he should do differently?

E-mail us with your messages for Tony Blair.

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I think Tony Blair is a good Prime Minister but he needs to start to MAKE POVERTY HISTORY. I am going to the MPH march in Edinburgh and I hope that the politicians will listen to us and help us!
Bettina, 12, Glasgow

I like that the results of these elections should make Tony Blair think, or he might go before the 4 years is up. Also I think it's time to listen to people at home, particularly because we feel ignored, so I hope he listens to us, even though I did not want him to win.
Susie, 15, Reading

I don't like Blair much for the things he did like the war but I prefer that Labour won the election rather than the Conservatives.
Alexa, 13, Mexico City

Children at a London school tell us their messages for Tony Blair

I think that it's great that Labour have won but it's definitely about time that Tony Blair steps down. He's done well for the country but he should leave on a high - leading Labour into a 3rd consecutive term.
Chantal, 13, London

I wanted Lib Dems to win, not Labour. I don't like Tony Blair very much, but it's not because of what happened in the war. What would have happened if there was no war? Iraq would be even more dangerous than what it is now, but the people who have lost a loved one have my sympathy, but they died for their country, and although they are not with you any more they died for what was right. But I do also think that Tony Blair should have been more truthful about the war.
Fiona, 11, Glasgow

Blair hating is becoming a craze which is getting so far that people's words are without meaning anymore. Blair is doing his job. You can say that you disagree with his judgement but hatred of him as a person is unnecessary.
Ana, 15, Newcastle

I don't actually agree with all of Blair's decisions like Iraq but I think he is a very strong leader
Olivia, 10, Manchester

We think that Tony Blair shouldn't have won again because the war wasn't right, but everyone makes mistakes. If the vote is up to the public then why are some people not allowed to vote?
Kirsty, 13, Slough

I think Tony Blair should actually get round to doing what he said he would do in the election 8 years ago and now 8 years later he is still prime minister and he still hasn't even done the first thing he said we do!
Natasja, 11,

My mum and dad voted for the Liberal Democrats, but they don't mind that Labour won. I'm glad that the Conservatives didn't win because we heard about them at school and they sound a bit bossy.
Hannah, 12, Rydal

I don't like Labour but I don't like Conservative and Liberal Democrats are a bit weird because they don't say much and are going to raise tax.
Rachel, 12, Lincoln

I'm disappointed in the outcome of the election. I would have liked Michael Howard to have won, not 'cos of his policies, but just for a change in management. Tony Blair, and all politicians are no better than each other, but I hope now he's still in control that he actually does something.
Tom, 15, Oxford

I really hoped Labour wouldn't win. I think Lib Dems are a lot better than Labour. I'm glad it wasn't Conservatives - Green Party, not a chance!
Olivia, 10, London

I hoped that the Conservatives would win, I didn't agree with Tony Blair going to war in Iraq. I don't agree with student top up fees either since one day I hope to go to university.
Claire, 15, Bangor

I think that the Lib Dems should have won.
Sean, 13, Middlesbrough

We think that Conservatives should have won.
Charlie and Lozy, 12, Surrey

I would have loved Lib Dems to win but I knew they wouldn't, so the best I could hope for was a Lib Dem MP which we have but I'm still glad Labour won because I don't agree with the Conservative's plans.
Lotti, 15, Aberystwyth

Although I don't think the decision about the war was right, I am relieved Conservative didn't win. I did not like their policy about immigration.
Amy, 13, Newport

I'm so glad that Labour won because my mum and dad voted for them.
Simran, 10, Leeds

I don't think Tony Blair should have won again !! I mean 3 times in a row! Most children's lifetime now will have been with Blair in Power!? I think that is wrong! I think the Conservatives should have got in!
Nicola, 15, Derbyshire

I can't believe that Tony Blair is still Prime Minister, even after what happened in Iraq. I really wanted the Lib Dems to win, because education is more important.
Lucy, 12, Kingston-Upon-Hull

I'm not that keen on Blair But I'm happy that he won the election!
Jaye, 13, Gravesend

I don't agree with many of Labour's policies, although seeing as the Liberal Democrats and The Green Party never really had much of a chance, it is a lot better than the Conservatives.
Orla, 11, London

I think that the Liberal Democrats should have won, but I would rather have Blair in power than Howard! I will have to wait 2 elections before I can vote because the next election I will only be 17!!!! Well done Blair!
Laura, 13, Fakenham

I can't believe he won again.
Kylia, 10, Phoenix

I don't think that any of the other parties are stronger than Labour. Everyone says they hate Tony Blair because of the war, but there was never going to be a right or wrong answer either way. How can people make statements declaring what they thought was right or wrong until they've been in the position of making such a major decision themselves?!
Katie, 15, Northampton

I'm really disappointed - I'd hoped that the Conservatives would win - and now we're stuck with another four years of the Labour Party. Still, next election I'll be able to vote so I'll have my say as soon as possible!
Rachael, 15, London

As long as this country is run properly and doesn't have too many problems, I don't really mind.
Aisha, 12, Slough

'I'm relieved that Labour won again. It seems like Conservatives would only care about the richer people... what about the rest of us???
Ruth, 15, Burton on Trent

Just as long as it's not Michael Howard! Tony Blair's OK actually, he seems to know what he's doing.
David, 13, Cardiff

I think that Tony Blair is a nice man, but my dad voted Conservative. But I want to help poor people. Kids' opinions matter, the voting age should be 10.
Luke, 11, Birmingham

I am disappointed at how Labour won. I knew that in the end that Labour would win but I had hoped that the Lib Dems would win. They were obviously the best. Anyway, it doesn't matter because at least the Lib Dems in my area won!
Roseanna, 11, London

I think he did well, getting himself elected 3 times in a row.
Katie, 11, Leeds

I don't really like Blair much now, not after the war, but I suppose Labour are miles better than the Conservatives.
Nosheen, 12, London

I hate Tony Blair for going to Iraq, it was wrong. And I think the Conservatives have got all the wrong ideas. I really thought Lid Dems had a chance.
Harry, 12, Birmingham

I'm really glad Labour have won again. As they say, 'Britain is working. Let's keep it this way.'
Jess, 12, Manchester

The more Conservative seats we have, the more we are doomed to another generation of backward thinkers. I can't wait to vote in the next election, fingers crossed.
Rosie, 13, Brighton

I don't really like Blair very much after the war. Also I don't think he should have got in again - he has been in for 8 years already. All along me and my family have wanted Labour to get in because they are going to do more than the Conservatives and they will carry it out as well.
Jessica, 15, Norwich

I'm not happy that Labour won again. I don't like Blair anymore because of the war on Iraq. I hoped that the Lib Dems would win.
Emily, 11, Thirsk

I think that the Labour Party have some good points, however, Tony Blair's friendship with the US poses the question of Britain's independence, and I was hoping that the Liberal Democrats would win, as the education in Britain is an important issue at present.
Kia, 15, York

I think that the British Parliament will sink even lower now that the Labour Party has won once again. Tony Blair got Britain involved in the Iraqi mess... what will he do next?
Camilla, 13, Nairobi

I don't really like Blair much after the war but I would definitely rather have Labour win the election than the Conservatives. We have been learning about what happened when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister in school and Britain can't let something like that happen again.
Jessica, 12, Scotland

I've always wanted the SNP to win because I've always thought it unfair that an Englishman rules Scotland.
Allan, 10, Loanhead

I can't believe Labour won again, I thought it would be the Lib Dems because they would have got rid of student fees. And the amount of Conservative votes was mad since all the bad stuff they would have done in power.
Aaron, 15, Manchester

I think that politics will be a lot more interesting now that Labour haven't got as many seats.
Lesley, 12, Devizes

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