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Last Updated: Saturday December 10 2005 11:45 GMT

Sportsround meets Amir Khan

Amir Khan with his Olympic medal
Silver medallist boxer Amir Khan turned professional recently and is about to face his biggest fight to date against Daniel Thorpe.

Newsround caught up with him as he prepared to take part in Saturday's showdown.

What have you been up to?

I'm training every day now, putting in lots of hours, watching videos of earlier fights. I just can't wait to get back in the ring and fight now.

You turned pro not too long ago. What are the differences between an amateur and professional boxer?

There are big differences, in amateur you only fight for four rounds, in professional it might be 12 rounds. In amateur boxing world you don't get paid, but as professional it's like a job.

As a professional you can't fight in the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, can you?

No, you can't go there any more. I'd have loved to have gone to the Olympics again, but that's just being a professional.

What made you choose boxing as a sport?

It was when I was eight-years-old. I went to a gym, I had my first training session and I loved it, it was totally different to any other sport.

Did you have fights in the school yard?

I didn't no. I hardly did have fights at school, I did all my fighting in the gym.

Boxing is a very dangerous sport, do you not get scared?

Not really no. It's not a fighting sport really it's like an art, you go there to learn to pick your shots.

But you must get hurt now and again?

You get hurt now and again, but that's the sport you're in, but when you're in the ring and you've got all that adrenaline and everything else, nothing hurts.

What are your hopes for the future as a fighter?

I've got a few ambitions. I want to be one of the youngest European champions, I want to finish up boxing as a legend and quit at about 26, 27.

It's not a very long career then?

It's not no, boxing is a short career. I know if I stayed in longer, I might start getting hurt.

So what will you do?

I don't know, probably train other kids and chill out.

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