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Last Updated: Friday May 06 2005 18:46 GMT

Would you vote at 16?

Voting on a balllot paper

Campaigners want the voting age lowered from 18 to 16 so that younger people get a say in electing the government.

16-year-olds can have strong ideas about what happens to this country - so if you could vote at 16, would you?

Do you think that you would know who to vote for at 16?

Or do you think that the most important thing is having the choice - whether you decide to or not?

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Your comments

I think it is vital to include teenagers in important things. It is important to let the public know we are not just ignorant yobs. Many of us feel passionately about political matters and want to get involved. Age should hold no bar.

Ellie, 14, Wilmington

I would vote at 16. I want my voice and opinions heard. It's also important even if I decided not to vote that we had the chance!

Laurie, 14, Birkhill

I would!! We're the ones that will have to grow up in the country and I'm nearly 16 so I would like a say in who is the government.

Kirsty, 15, Edinburgh

Although I would like to vote, I do not think that people are mature enough at 16 to make that sort of choice.

Hannah, 13, Leicester

I don't know if I would vote, it seems too much of a responsibility.

Rebecca, 14, Essex

I think if you have to pay taxes to the government at 16, you should at least get to choose who you are paying them to. I don't mind either way, vote and taxes at 16 or vote and taxes at 18.

Fliss, 14, London

I definitely would vote at 16. It'd show how we think about the politicians and our views would be heard.

Sabeeta, 13, Bradford

I think that everyone 10+ should be able to vote because we are important as everyone else.

Tiffany, 11, Norwich

It would be better to vote at 16 'coz it's our country as well and it's also our future.

Cat, 12, Scotland

I don't think we get enough education about who to vote. They seem to try and please everyone but when it comes round to it they don't. Sort it!!

Siobhan, 15, Northampton

Yes, I think that they should change the age to 16, as the present adolescent population will be the future generation of this country and it would be nice if we got a say in what is happening and what is wanted to happen for the future. We are the ones who will benefit or not benefit from the decisions made by the older population. (Which are not always right may I add.

Amy, 14, Peterborough

It would be better to vote at 16 'coz it's our country as well and it's also our future.

Cat, 12, Scotland

Yeah, I think it would be better if we got to vote at the age of 16. Teenagers do have some very strong views on things, but never really get heard. And you have to start paying tax at the age of 16, but you have no say in where your tax goes until your 18, so it would make more sense to be able to vote when you're 16!

Kate, 14, Aylesbury

I think it's a good idea to vote at 16 because the Prime Minister would have a view on teenagers thoughts and not just adults.

Iain, 12, Blackburn

Of course I would vote!! Adults disagree with me, but I personally think children are more than 10 times cleverer than adults.

Hannan, 14, Newcastle

Yes, if old people can have responsibility to vote then so should young people.

Rach, 14, Twickenham

I would love to vote but I still don't reckon that it's a good idea because some people aren't as mature. Then that's where problems will start.

Linda, 14, Worcestershire

I think that the voting age should be lowered because we live in this country too and we also know how we would like it be.

Yaz, 13, London

I do and I don't. I do because young people should have their say. I don't because some young people can be immature.

Becky, 13, Newport

I'd vote, teenagers today have a lot of strong views and if we were allowed to vote, then the Prime Minister would have to listen to our views and what we want.

Emily, 15, Cardiff

Being able to vote at 16 would be amazing, I'd love to. It would be a really grown up thing to be allowed to do.

Jeneice, 13, Rutland

I think the voting age should be lowered. We are the future of the country!!!

Emily, 11, Camberley

I would love to vote at 16, the election affects children mostly because it's our future generation they're talking about.

Nosheen, 12, London

Probably, though I really hate all this election stuff and adverts all the time. It's really annoying!

Annaliese, 12, Middlesbrough

I think that would be fair because 18 is when we get our responsibilities, but we should at least get to vote.

Anna, 12, Green Bay

I just don't think I would be mature enough at 16 to be able to vote. I wouldn't want to make the wrong decision.

Meredith, 13, Rosenburg

Yes I think that we should have the vote when you turn 16 because teenagers also need a say in what happens in the country because when you turn 16 you are classed as independent and we should have our say in who runs the country and what they do to improve things.

Josh, 15, Haslingden

Yes. Younger people are just as important to this country so we should be able to have a say in what happens.

Ben, 15, Halifax