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Last Updated: Wednesday May 04 2005 10:17 GMT

Quiz: Fish

Fish quiz

Question 1

When did keeping fish as pets begin?

A: 2500 BC
B: 50 AD
C: 1832 AD

Question 2

How many fish species are there believed to be?

A: 200
B: 2,000
C: 20,000

Question 3

Goldfish, if looked after properly, can live for how long:

A: 25 days
B: 2.5 years
C: 25 years

Question 4

The study of fishes is known by what scientific name?

A: Ghotiolgy
B: Ichthyology
C: Piscianoly

Question 5

What is the largest fish species in the world?

A: Catfish
B: Whale Shark
C: Sardine

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