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Last Updated: Wednesday May 04 2005 09:49 GMT

Magnificent mummy found in Egypt

Egypt expert Zahi Hawass with the mummy
A discovery that's been called the "most beautiful mummy" in Egypt has been dug up by archaeologists.

The find dates back to the 30th Dynasty, which means it is around 2,300 years old, and has some of the most exquisite decoration ever seen.

The mummy is wearing a golden mask and has brightly-coloured pictures of gods and goddesses on it.

It was found buried in a pit. "The sand revealed maybe the most beautiful mummy ever found in Egypt," one expert said.

The mummy
Archaeological experts will now do special scans on the mummy to find out more about who he was and how he lived and died.

The mummy was found near the famous Saqqara pyramids, where there are lots of burial chambers.

Once research is finished, the mummy will be displayed at Saqqara's museum of Imhotep - named after the man who designed the oldest pyramids in Egypt.

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