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Last Updated: Tuesday May 03 2005 16:47 GMT

I interviewed Tony Blair

Mediha met Tony Blair
During the General Election campaign, Press Packers will be interviewing some of the main party leaders.

Mediha was selected to talk to Labour leader Tony Blair.

Here's how she got on...

"We had to have a really early start to make it to where I was going to interview the Prime Minister.

But once we reached the school in Bolton, we had to wait around for an hour.

There was loads of security, and people seemed really twitchy.

We were given places to stand, and people kept checking to make sure we wouldn't move.

The secret service people asked us loads of questions, but I wasn't really scared.

Tony Blair
Tony Blair
I was very nervous though - more nervous than I've ever been!

Mr Blair met me before the interview, and put me at ease a bit.

I don't know if I agree with his policies, but he seemed a really nice man.

I asked him about things like discipline in schools, the war in Iraq and how he would get streets cleaner.

I also asked what band his party would be, and he told me they'd be U2.

After the interview I was relieved, but couldn't believe I'd just interviewed the Prime Minister!

In fact, it's only just sinking in!"

Mediha, 13, Leytonstone

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