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Last Updated: Tuesday May 03 2005 10:25 GMT

Worksheet: Exam lucky charms

Exam papers on desks in an exam hall
I'm doing my SATs and I have a little smooth purple amethyst stone which I hold in my hand. It makes me relax into the questions.
Katie, 14, Shropshire

When I had my SATS I had a lucky charm because it made me feel better because it reminder me of the good times and always brings me luck.
Zoe, 12, Leatherhead

I have a pair of keyrings - one a clover (four leaves), the other a cat.
Chelsea, 12, Coventry

I have a little toy that my mum made when she was younger! I bring him out of habit really, and I just try my best. What happens in the exam only you can change! Good luck everyone in the rest of the SATS!
Reggie, 13, Wimbledon

well this is stupid but, during the whole exam, I keep a small picture of my fave Man Utd footballer (Cristiano Ronaldo) tucked in my hand...I know that won't bring me any luck (good or bad) but his pic just gives me confidence.
Jess, 13, London

I bring in a key chain with a rabbit's foot on the end. My dad brought it in to his tests when he was younger too!
Saskia, 10, Stockport

Holding a certain object isn't going to make you any cleverer.
Mena, 12, Edinburgh

I have a lucky mascot, well it's a keyring, but I use it every year during my exams. When I am stuck on a question I squeeze it and I suddenly know the answer! Is it my mascot who helps me or is it my brain?!
Harriet, 10, London

Don't believe in luck really I just revise and hope it's paid off.
Jaz, 13, Kent

I have a lucky necklace that my great gran gave me before she died. I don't think it really works but I wear it to all of my exams because it's almost like she's there helping me sometimes.
Rachel, 14, Preston

I just have some lucky words written on a piece of paper in Arabic...My friend tried it and she said it works. So I believe her...It's just that I have to memorise it because then the teachers would think I'm cheating.
Alisha, 13, Leicester

I have a lucky pair of red socks I wear to every exam and use a lucky pen. I don't know what I'll do when it runs out!
Lee, 14, Harrogate


  • Is it possible to 'make your own luck' by preparing properly for exams?

  • How can getting worried about exams stop you doing as well as you should?

  • What are the best conditions for you to study in?

  • How could music be used to help students learn?

  • What is your best revision tip?

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