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Teachers: Citizenship: Human rights

Last Updated: Thursday December 08 2005 15:10 GMT

Worksheet: Some simplified examples of human rights

Members of groups supporting the cause of Tibet urging the International Olympic Committee not to award the 2008 games to China

A. The right to belong to a country.

B. The right to take part in politics.

C. The right to go to school.

D. The right to live in freedom and safety.

E. The right to a private life.

F. The right to have opinions, to speak them and to share them with other people.

G. The right to be treated equally by the law.

H. The right to follow the religion you want to.

I. No-one has the right to treat you as his or her slave.

J. The right to get married and have a family.

K. The right to move around in your own country, to leave and return to that country if you want to.

L. The right to work.

M. Your rights must be unaffected by your race, colour, sex, language, religion, opinions, what you own, where you are from, where you were born or where you live.

N. The right be respected and respect others.

O. If someone hurts you, you have the right to go to another country for protection (seek asylum).

P. The right to be considered innocent until proved guilty, if you are accused of a crime,

Q. Nobody has the right to punish you or put you in prison without a good reason.

R. Nobody has the right to take your things from you without a good reason.

S. Nobody has the right to torture you.

T. No-one has the right to take away your rights.

These examples are simplified versions of some of the 30 articles in the Declaration of Human Rights. They are designed to be used with our lesson plan and do not attempt to offer a full summary of all 30 articles (we've removed some that were difficult to simplify or required prior knowledge). For the full Declaration, click on the link to the World Service website in the right-hand, dark-blue box.

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