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Last Updated: Thursday December 08 2005 14:54 GMT

Quiz: Narnia - the film

The children in Narnia

Question 1

What are the children told above all they must not do in the professor's house?

A: Play hide and seek
B: Disturb the professor
C: Go into the spare room

Question 2

What does Lucy first set eyes on when she arrives in Narnia?

A: Mr Tumnus
B: The lamppost
C: Mr Beaver

Question 3

What is Mr Tumnus NOT carrying when he first meets Lucy?

A: An umbrella
B: Parcels
C: Firewood

Question 4

What is the White Witch's real name?

A: Jadis
B: Jada
C: Jedi

Question 5

What does Edmund ask the White Witch to make him?

A: Sweets
B: Turkish Delight
C: Hot chocolate

Question 6

What does Edmund knock over when he bats a cricket ball into the professor's house?

A: A statue
B: A grandfather clock
C: A suite of armour

Question 7

How many reindeer are pulling the White Witch's sleigh when she is in pursuit of Peter, Susan and Lucy?

A: 4
B: 6
C: 8

Question 8

What is Cair Paravel the name of?

A: The White Witch's dungeon
B: The castle the children rule in
C: Aslan's camp

Question 9

What does Edmund say when he is reunited with his brother and sisters at Aslan's camp?

A: Sorry
B: Hello
C: What a nightmare

Question 10

What is Edmund's horse called?

A: Patrick
B: Paul
C: Philip

Question 11

What creatures are pulling the White Witch's chariot when she goes into battle?

A: Horses
B: Wolves
C: Polar bears

Question 12

What does Peter cry when he leads his army into battle?

A: Long live Aslan
B: For Narnia and for Aslan

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