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Last Updated: Sunday May 01 2005 12:18 GMT

Scientists photo distant planet

Scientists say they have photographed a planet outside the Earth's Solar System for the first time.

The image was snapped in September 2004, but it's taken until now to confirm that the red spot is a planet.

The planet - which is five times as big as Jupiter - and its star are more than 200 light years away.

At first the scientists didn't know if the two space objects were linked, but these new images show that they are moving with each other.

"Our new images are quite convincing," said Gael Chauvin, a European Southern Observatory astronomer.

"This really is a planet - the first planet that has ever been imaged outside of our Solar System," he added.

But it seems the objects didn't form like the ones in this Solar System, so some scientists still aren't convinced that 2M1207b is a planet.