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Last Updated: Friday April 29 2005 15:09 GMT

Dr Who Quiz: Daleks


Question 1

What is the home planet of the Daleks?

A: Dalekosis III
B: Mars
C: Skaro

Question 2

When did the Daleks first appear on our TV screens?

A: 1963
B: 1974
C: 1985

Question 3

Who was the TV writer who invented the Daleks?

A: Russell T Davies
B: Robert Shearman
C: Terry Nation

Question 4

What's inside a Dalek's metal casing?

A: Lots of electronics
B: A slimy tentacled mutant
C: A space hamster

Question 5

Can Daleks go upstairs?

A: Yes
B: No
C: Yes, but only if there's a nice soft carpet

Question 6

The Daleks have a terrifying war cry - but how do you spell it?

A: Extermonate!
B: Extermanate!
C: Exterminate!

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