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Last Updated: Saturday April 30 2005 13:42 GMT

Do you care more about pets than people?

Poorly dog wrapped in a blanket
People pay more attention to their poorly pets than their sick friends or relatives, new research has revealed.

So do you care more about pets than people?

Do you fuss over them when they're ill, buy them presents or stay by their sick-bed?

However much you care about your pets, e-mail and let us know.

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Your comments

Yes on some occasions I do care way more about my fish then people and sometimes if I go round to someone's house and their dog looks lonely I will spend more time with the dog than the people!
Jessica, 11, Surrey

I do treat my hamster a bit better than my Mum and Dad, but I think my parents would come first.
Emily, 11, Thirsk

I do fuss over my golden retriever a lot and I mean a lot!! I call myself 'THE GREATEST ANIMAL LOVER EVER!!' but I do care for my pets the same as my family and friends but if my dog is sick I go mad!!
Abbie, 9, Heswall

No, but my sister does with our cat, Tico. She thinks she's caring for it but Tico doesn't enjoy it. He keeps trying to scratch her and keeps fleeing whenever he sees her. Not a good sign!
Katie, 10, Beckenham

I stayed off school to look after my dog when I found out she had epilepsy when she died I cried all day.
Rachel, 11, Bradford

I do worry about my cat, especially when she's ill, but I also worry about my friends and family when they're ill - it's my sister I buy presents for and make sure she's okay! I think people need to get things into perspective though - if a relative is dying or a pet is dying they need to think about who is more important to them.
Rachel, 14, London

I have grown up with animals since I was born, so yes, I suppose I do love them more than people. You can talk to your pet, because they won't tell anyone, and you can trust them - they are very loyal. They don't go around shooting each other either!! Also, our pets rely on us, where as we are very independent!!
Sophie, 12, North Wales

It sounds horrible but some pets are way better than people.
Katharine, 10, Sleaford

I have some unusual pets. My snake went missing and I was pretty upset about it. Then one of our three tarantulas went missing and we found it!! If my friend was sick I would probably spend an equal amount of time looking after them and my pets!!!!!
Morgan, 11, Christchurch

Sometimes I do care more for my kitten, Abby than I do for my friends. Like the time she got really sick and I refused to go to school.
Vicky, 13, Cape Town

I must admit - I do fuss over my dog a lot and give her lots and lots of attention, but I definitely put humans first!!
Laura, 13, Northallerton

I probably care about both because I always make sure my dog is ok and I fuss over her, but at the same time I fuss over humans as well.
Kirsty, 13, Southport

I have a dog and I treat it with respect but I also know that poverty is a big issue and want to help out on that.
Luke, 12, Cheltenham

I think animals should be treated well but if I was going to give money to a charity I would rather help people because they are starving.
Ann, 14, Birmingham

Yes, sometimes. I insisted that my gerbil be taken to the vets when she cut her ear, but when my sister (who doesn't live with me) had the flu - I didn't even go to see her.
Becky, 10, Oswestry

Pets deserve to be treated equally. Our cat was always ill and we stayed by his side, but then my mum got ill and we gave them both equal attention. Unfortunately, the cat died, but my mum didn't.
Christina, 10, Norwich

Yes. Animals don't kill others, and animals are really sweet and nice. I feel that I can talk to my dog more than anyone else.
Tilly, 12, Bexhill

I treat them equally. Then they will both be happy!
Mairead, 9, Wolverhampton

Um yes. I love my dogs and I used to cry when they cried 'coz they got jabs done. People can talk and tell us about the problems that they have but animals can't.
Susan, 14, London

I try to treat them equally. Animals are just as important as people so it's only fair to treat them equally!
Laurie, 14, Birkhill

I care for both, but humans more. Can animals stop world poverty or prevent global warming? I don't think so.
James, 15, Sandridge

I have to admit I love certain animals more than people, even my family. But I love the rest equally, people behave badly, animals know how to keep life balanced and don't start fights or pollute the planet.
CK, 12, South Wales

I care about animals and people! I have a dog who gets spoilt but is very well behaved! She is loved very much and I hate to see when people use animals for testing products and are treated badly.
Gemma, 15, Essex

Some people do but I don't think it's right . You should care for pets a bit less than you do your family.
Jeremy, 12, Surrey

I care more about people, because I am closer to my friends and family than any animals.
Emma, 14, Manchester

I care about them equally. I love animals and care about how they are treated, and I also care about people too and the way they are treated. I love animals, but they can't talk to you or care for you like people do.
Annabel, 13, Hemel Hempstead

I love animals especially my dog because he looks up to you like other animals and sees you as a friend and I sometimes see him as a human like myself.
Kimberley, 14, Lanark

Except for a few family members and my friends, I do sometimes think that I prefer animals to humans - a pet can't argue with you, yell at you or be horrible to you; a human can.
Hazel, 13, Cambridge

Oh yes, animals are far more trustworthy than people. They will stay with you and remain faithful throughout their entire life. I also like the fact that they are not selfish.
Ashley, 14, Alaska

When my cat died I cried and couldn't stop myself. She had to be put down and I couldn't even be in the same room as her and waited outside whilst my family said goodbye.
Emma-Leigh, 11, Birmingham

I care about both people and animals because animals deserve to be treated like people.
Melissa, 12, London

Yes I care about pets more than people, because think of all the things people do. Plus I'm a huge animal lover.
Becky, 15, Lancashire

I think about them equally, that way you know how you should treat pets, like you treat other people!!
Anthony, 11, Long Eaton

Yeah, it sounds mean but I think I like a lot of animals a lot better than I like a lot of people!
Mari, 12, Sleaford

I think animals are more important 'cos they are living things and they take more looking after than family or friends.
Amy, 12, Surrey

I care equally for both but I absolutely love my cat Zig to pieces!
Lou, 14, Woking

Don't get me wrong, I love animals, but families are for life. They comfort you when you're sad and ill. Animals can't necessarily do that.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

I think that you should treat pets and people the same. I have 2 guinea pigs called Monty & Scabbers, a cat called Pandora and 2 fish called Nemo & Fred.
Amy, 9, Crieff

I can't leave my cat, dog or my 2 bunnies.
Ben, 11, Waterlooville

I have a chocolate labrador called Katy and I love her to bits. Not as much as my family but a very close second!!!! Course I love her; she's my baby!!
Aimee, 13, Camberley

I adore pets so I do care more about pets than people. It may sound selfish but I've been an animal lover for as long as I can remember and I've had loads of pets.
Cat, 12, Scotland

No family and friends are much more important to me than animals. I like them, but they're not that important.
Nosheen, 12, London

Pets are for life, they are not just a present that you get. I love dogs, and if I see one that I like, it really makes me want one. Although I do care about people just as much as pets.
Charlie, 12, Yorkshire

I think people should care about their poorly pets and sick friends equally.
Sophie, 10, Keighley

Yes, my family cancelled our holiday 'cos my cat had appendicitis. She got better but we still did not want to leave her so we booked a holiday, not abroad that allows pets and that holiday cost more than the original one!
Laura, 11, Liverpool

I stayed away from school to help my husky recover from pneumonia
Maryah, 13, Brussels

Yes some pets I do care about more than people. I care about Tilly my dog more than my friends but not more than family.
Jade, 12, Tipton

No I don't care for pets more than people; I care for both equally. I think that people fuss more over their sick pets because their illness tends to be more serious. Even if my dog just has a little sniffle, I become stricken with worry.
Catherine, 15, Burnley

Yeah, because your pets and animals depend on you to survive but humans have other friends. People can almost do more for animals than animals can do for each other.
Mary, 12, Templepatrick

I have a pet snake called Hisser. I love it more than I love my family because I feel it understands me and I can talk to it about anything. I wish humans could be like pets sometimes.
Cam, 14, Exeter

Absolutely. I wanted to stay up all night with Baby-Lou my Guinea Pig but mummy wouldn't let me and I had to go to bed. Sadly she died in the night - she was very old.
Claudine, 13, Torquay

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