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Last Updated: Thursday April 28 2005 06:58 GMT

Parents' net knowledge fails kids

Children online
Parents who don't know about the net could be harming their kids' chances of getting a good job, researchers say.

Their survey found that 18% of mums and dads did not know how to help their children use the web safely.

Kids are much more switched on, with 98% of them saying they had net access at home, at school or somewhere else.

Researchers said: "Now that many young people rely on the net for information, the more it matters that some of them are getting left behind."

They added: "Not knowing how to best use the internet may have a negative impact on their education and employment opportunities."


The survey also showed that parents were really worried about kids being able to see bad things on the net, with 85% of them calling for tougher laws.

Around 1,500 nine to 19-year-olds and 906 of their parents were quizzed in the study by the London School Of Economics.

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